The proposal of the Apulian event has been implemented: BtoB activities joined also by oil producers, a section focusing on natural wines only and the opportunity to buy. A record number of registered wineries

Next Radici del Sud edition is going to be a great and wide one. The week focusing on wine from native grapes and extra virgin olive oil produced in South Italy will be held from 5th to 11th June 2018 in Apulia.

The proposal, which already includes a wine competition, a week of BtoB meetings with International journalists as well as an exhibition open to the public, has been made wider thanks to three new interesting initiatives. The first one, which was introduced last year, consists in extending the BtoB activities to oil producers, too. This year on 9th and 10 the producers of extra virgin olive oil from Apulia, Campania, Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily will be given the opportunity to meet the importers at the Exhibition as wine producers do.

Another new initiative is an area for natural wines only. On the 11th June the many wineries joining the Exhibition which produce natural wines will be given the opportunity to show their products thus being easily identifiable. Not only will visitors taste the wines, but they can also buy wine and oil directly from the tasting stands of the producers joining the Exhibition. And this is another innovation.

 “For this thirteenth edition – says Nicola Campanile, the event organizer – we’ve brought a breath of fresh air. The participating wineries and popularity are increasing and this pushes us to improve our proposal year after year. The good choices we have made are confirmed by the number of subscriptions we’ve had up to now. Moreover the number of the wineries registered up to now is more than the triple what we recorded last year in the same period”.

After the more than satisfying experience of last year, a new delegation of 5 buyers from different regions of China also headed back and selected by Alessio Fortunato.



  1. Mehmet AdanirDante Vin / Denmark
  2. Luigi PuccianoTerre Lente / Netherlands
  3. Mariusz MajkaMagia del Vino / Poland
  4. Michel Wising - Amazing Wines Hedberg & Wising AB / Svezia
  5. Fernando Zamboni - Winelands Importadora / Brazil
  6. Allard Ariszetal - Arisz et al. Wijnimport / Netherlands  
  7. Paulo De AlmeidaThe Wine Spot / Netherlands
  8. Ole Udsen - Asboe & Udsen Vin – Denmark
  9. Parisima TamantiVino nostro –USA,
  10. David SparrowSparrow Wine Company –USA
  11. Liu Bin – Ming Zunhui cellar  - Xian - China   
  12. Ji Feibing – Ming Zunhui cellar – Xian - China
  13. Li Peng – Xian Weizhen Advertising Culture spread - China
  14. Bo Mao – Guangzhou Vita Trading – Guangzhou (CAN) China
  15. Yi Zhong – Guy Yang Pioneer Trading – Guy Yang(KWE) - China
  16. Chao Li – Bei Jing Roman’s fine wines - Bei Jing (PEK) - China


Alessio Fortunato – Consultant - Cina



  1. Cathy Van Zyl – Master Wine -  South Africa
  2. Susan GordonForbes, The Daily Meal /USA
  3. Kelly Mitchell - The Huffington Post / USA
  4. David Ransom - The Tasting Panel Magazine, The SOMM Journal /USA
  5. Tracy Ellen - Kamens Drinking Wisely&Well /USA
  6. Matthew Horkey e Charine TanExotic wine Travel /USA
  7. Fabien Lainè / France
  8. Rebecca MarphyThe Dallas Morning News, Wine Review Online / USA
  9. Chiara Giorleo – Journalist Luciano Pignataro Wine Blog
  10. Davide Bortone – Journalist / vinialsupermercato.it
  11. Valentina Vercelli – Journalist / La Cucina italiana
  12. Antonio Cimmino – Journalist / Gastronomia Mediterranea
  13. Francesco Falcone – Journalist / Winesurf
  14. Giovanna Moldenhauer - free lance Journalist
  15. Andrea Terraneo – President of Vinarius - Associazione enoteche italiane
  16. Pasquale Porcelli – Journalist / Winesurf





The Exhibition of wine and oil from South Italy - in brief-


Where:Castello Normanno Svevo di Sannicandro di Bari (BA)
When : 11th June 2018 

Opening hours: from 11.00a.m. to 9.00 p.m.  

Pass: Tasting kit €15 (it includes glass, bag and tasting notebook)

Parking area: available


Underage children don’t pay and are not allowed to taste 

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