Radici del Sud 2017: international guests and a focus on the chinese market

Exhibition of South italian wines

Definitely confirmed the guests and the juries of the twelfth edition of the Exhibition that focuses on native grapes and oil produced in the Italian Mezzogiorno area. A few more days available for the wineries to sign up.


Radici del Sud is going to start in few weeks and the names of both foreign and Italian guests have been definitely confirmed. They will join the BtoB meetings with the producers, the press tours and will be part of the juries during the event held from 30th May to 5th June 2017 in Sannicandro di Bari  that focuses on native grapes and oil produced in the Mezzogiorno area. There will be two juries: one made up of buyers  chaired by Alfonso Cevola, a wine blogger and a great connoisseur of the Italian wine heritage in the USA, and the other one composed of journalists  led by Daniele Cernilli, the Winedoctor  of the Italian enology. The juries will taste more than 350  competing samples of wine produced in Apulia, Basilicata, Campania, Calabria and Sicily.

To this day the participating wineries are 140, however others can sign on up to next 30th April. Joining the competition and submitting the juries’ evaluations no doubt is an important challenge for the wineries as this allows to evaluate the way they are working. Moreover meeting other producers may be a vital strategy to identify possible shared actions  aiming at promoting such a special  wine production that stands out for its high typicity and the deep bonds with the terroir.

Among the foreign importers those who deserve a special mention this year are some Chinese delegates led by Alessio Fortunato, the enologist coming from Campania who has lived and worked in China as China Market Consultant and Wine Business Professor at NWAF University since 2013. He has extensive experience within the Chinese market as an advisor working for importers, distributors and the chambers of commerce dealing with Chinese wine. These buyers coming from different Chinese regions already import Italian wine having great success and strongly believe that the amount of business will largely increase in the years to come. Thus they are interested in deepening their knowledge about Southern Italian wines and enlarging their portfolio.

On Monday 5th June, during the two days of the Exhibition of wine and oil, at 7.00 p.m. Alessio Fortunato will hold a workshop specifically focused on the market of Italian wine in China: the wine sector evolution, the mistakes not to make and the most suitable solutions for this market. He will talk about strategies and solutions which may be carried out by the wineries when facing the Chinese market. An opportunity for everybody: producers, wine insiders and  consumers to better know this close world, yet still little known. 


Alberto Lupini Italia Journalist
Alessio Fortunato Cina wine-consultant
Alfonso Cevola Texas, USA Journalist
Anthony D'Anna Australia buyer
Asa K. Johansson Svezia Journalist
Bernardo Conticelli Italia Journalist
Bo Mao Guangzhou, Cina buyer
Carl Camasta Newark NJ, USA  buyer
ChunChing Shih Taiwan  buyer
Daniele Cernilli Italia Journalist
David E. Sparrow New Jersey, USA buyer
Elaine   Brown             USA Journalist
Fernando Zamboni           Brasile buyer
Francesca Ciancio         Italia Journalist
Giacomo Bertolli           Italia Journalist
Giampaolo Giacomelli       Italia Journalist
Giampiero Nadali           Italia Journalist
Helen Wen Lampecht         Canada                   buyer
Jon Asboe                  Danimarca buyer
József Kosárka             Ungheria Journalist
Jung Yong Cho             Corea del Sud Journalist
Katarina Andersson         Svezia Journalist
LiDan Cao                  Beijing, Cina buyer
LinBin Yang               Guangzhou, Cina buyer
Lorenzo Colombo           Italia Journalist
Michael Pinkus             Canada Journalist
Mikhail Polienko           Canada buyer
Mirco Carraretto       Italia Vinarius
Monica Coluccia           Italia Journalist
Nuray Ali                 Canada buyer
Piera Genta               Italia Journalist
Qi Gang Chen               Beijing, CINA           buyer
Simon Cassina             Regno Unito Journalist
Terri Burney               Texas, USA         buyer
Tibor Vittek               Slovak         Journalist
Yi Zhong                   GuiYang, CINA     buyer


RADICI DEL SUD 2017- The Exhibition of Southern Italian wines and oils in brief

WHERE: Castello Normanno Svevo di Sannicandro di Bari (BA)

WHEN: 30th May – 5th June 2017

PUBLIC OPENING TIMES: Sunday 4th June from 3.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.; Monday 5th June from 10.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

ENTRY: tasting kit 15 Euro (including the glass, the bag and tasting notebook) to be used in the conclusive evening too. Buffet dinner coupon 20 Euro (it includes the tasting of the dishes prepared by the chefs). Tasting kit + dinner coupon: 35 Euro.

PARKING AREA: available

Children under 18 don’t pay and aren’t allowed to tatse.



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 Anna Sperotto

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