Here are the first names of the wine experts expected in Bari from 30th May to 5th June attracted by the so fascinating native wines of Southern Italy

Exhibition of South italian wines


Well known wine connoisseurs coming from all over the world will meet in Bari for the twelfth edition of the  only great event which celebrates the Southern Italian native grapes.

From next 30th May to 5th June more than 40 national and international experts will be at Radici del Sud where they will express their opinion on how the wine production has evolved in the last years drawing the attention of a large number of wine lovers who carefully observe every particular feature. They will arrive from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, England, the USA, Great Britain, Australia, Holland, Russia, Poland, South Korea and the Middle East, as well as from Italy, making up the juries that will pronounce the best results of each category (according to the grape). They will join the scheduled wine tours where they will know in a more thorough manner the activities which lead to wine production directly from the wineries.

On 31st May, 1st and 2nd June the qualified and skilled journalists coming from every part of the world will join the scheduled press tours in the various Apulian areas in order to allow them to appreciate how complex and brave the wines from Southern Italian native grapes are, observing directly from the wineries and the places where they are produced. On the same days, except 1st June when  also the wine buyers will be joining an interesting wine tour, there will be BtoB meetings between the wine buyers and the registered producers who will show and promote their labels at Castello di Sannicandro di Bari. On the two following days (3rd and 4th June) the main activities will be focused on the wine competition as well as the 4 blind tasting sessions held by 4 juries who will provide immediate results. The foreign buyers and the Italian distributors will be part of the same jury paying particular attention to an evaluation of the wines’s marketing appeal, whereas national and international journalists will make up a single group proving a more complete evaluation. 

The last two days – 4th and 5th June- will be totally focused on the Wine Exhibition where all wine insiders, lovers and visitors will visit the wineries’ stands and taste the whole range of the their products. This year visitors will also be given the opportunity to taste the extra virgin olive oils from the stands available for this first edition on these last two days only.

To conclude the twelfth edition of the Exhibition of wines from Southern Italian native grapes, celebrations will be joined by the best known  chefs  from the  Mezzogiorno area  who will arrange a great eno food party open to the public at Piazza Castello in  Sannicandro di Bari.

Here is the list of the first wine experts among the well known guests joining Radici del Sud 2017

Alfonso Cevola –USA-: a very well known American journalist of Italian origins and specialist of Italian wines (“The Italian Wine Guy”). He works for magazines like The Dallas Morning News and The Well Fed Networks and plays a very important role in one of the biggest wine distributors of the US.


Yung Yong Cho: an importer owning a business of Italian wines in South Korea

Elaine Chukan Brown (USA): a journalist working for Jancis Robinsons and Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews

Åsa Johansson: a journalist working as a guide for BK Wine Tours

Simon Cassina (UK): a journalist collaborating with English wine importers

Anthony D’Anna (Australia): an importer of Italian wines in Australia

Bernardo Conticelli: a journalist and importer of Italian wines in France

Daniele Cernilli: a journalist and editor of

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