From 30th May to 5th June the wine world of Southern Italy will meet in Sannicandro di Bari

Exhibition of South italian wines

The twelfth edition of Radici del Sud will take place between next May and June with its many scheduled activities spanning the seven days of the Exhibition. This year the already successful format will be further perfected in every detail. For the first time at Radici del Sud the oil produced by the businesses that already participate with their wine labels will be found alongside the wines during the last two days of the Exhibition. The hope is that in the next year it will be possible to repeat the activities that up until now were destined exclusively to wine and thus addressing all the attention the oil deserves on the olive oil sector in Southern Italy, being the second largest producer of the whole Mediterranean area.

The btob meetings with the importers

Once again it is right to stress how important it is for the producers to take advantage of the direct contact on one hand with international guests who are expected this year from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, England, the USA, Great Britain, Australia, Holland, Russia, Poland, South Korea and the Middle East and on the other hand with the final consumers who will be visiting the wine exhibition during the last two days of the event.

The commercial meetings between importers and winery representatives will be particularly advantageous since in the past they allowed the wines from Southern Italian native grapes to reach foreign markets with great success.

The competition and the juries

Joining Radici del Sud allows producers to get a reliable feedback on the quality of their production. The opinion the juries express about the competing wines provides the first influential clue which will be combined with the contribution of wine insiders who carefully evaluate the potential the wine has to meet the markets demands.

What the other producers think should be extremely important as well, as this helps to identify any possible shared strategies aiming at promoting such a  successful product, we may say a niche product, which stands out for both its high typicity   and the very deep roots it has in  the territory.

Wine tours and theme workshop

The way Radici events are arranged makes the cultural exchanges with the other wine insiders easier and fruitful through theme workshops, visits to wineries as well as further scheduled convivial activities. The many national and foreign journalists among the most remarkable ones joining the contest certainly allow  the single products and the whole wine South Italian phenomenon to be known worldwide.

Moreover local authorities will participate as well and this shows how they are interested in promoting the eno food tourism of the regions involved in Radici del Sud, offering their cooperation to the wineries, thus playing a crucial role.

The two days of the wine and oil Exhibition

The large number of wine lovers coming to visit the Exhibition will give the producers  a useful occasion to get in touch with them and to know the tastes and the needs of the final users.

As always happens, the producer will rely on Radici del Sud great organization whose prerogative is to involve and arouse the interest of the  main figures working in this sector even if it’s the first time they approach this so special and exciting field where Radici del Sud plays a crucial role.


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