The long-awaited 2017 edition of the Exhibition of wine from South Italian native grapes welcomes oils

Exhibition of South italian wines

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Radici del Sud will share the contest held from 30th May to 5th June at Castello di Sannicandro (BA) with the first Exhibition of extra virgin olive oils produced in South Italy

Besides the well known festival focusing on wines made from South Italian native grapes, this year’s Radici edition will deal extensively with oils, welcoming both the wineries that have already joined the contest with their wine labels and some selected producers of oil who have proven to be the most representative ones.

In this first edition of the Exhibition of extra virgin olive oil the producers will show and offer the visitors all their oils to be tasted during the two days open to the public, whereas all the many other activities scheduled for the full week will be still addressed to wine producers only. What’s new on Radici del Sud 2017’s schedules is the wider chance they will offer to the Exhibition of Wine and the Exhibition of oil which will be open two days long, the concluding ones, in order to allow both lovers and connoisseurs to visit them on Sunday 4th and Monday 5th June.

With the aim of encouraging the joining wineries to inform in a complete and convincing way about the way they are arranged and determined   as a result of their careful organization and know-how where nothing is left to chance, Radici del Sud isn’t going to support the interpreting service anymore. Thus each winery will get in contact with the foreign operators through their own delegate able to provide any technical details and inform about the company philosophy implying the production activity.

This should be the way to convey in a more immediate and convincing way the idea of a fierce sector able to face the global challenge just relying on its own strength. During the meetings with the buyers, the visits  to the wineries, the wine competition as well as the Exhibition, wine insiders will address to those who get interested in wines made from South Italian native grapes and spread this message.

Among all the buyers and journalists who will express their opinion on the labels in competition, the number of Italian experts and the great connoisseurs of Southern wines will be higher if compared to the previous editions in order to make it easier to recognize and appreciate the peculiar identity features of the several grapes when judging and comparing the wines.

Finally, the press tours will be held in the areas where Primitivo is grown passing through Alta Murgia, the areas where Nero di Troia is grown and then those of Aglianico and Gaglioppo.

These ameliorative interventions are based on the need to offer to foreign wine insiders  an increasingly appealing framework of South Italian regions, stressing how they have improved both their organization and efficiency over the years. That’s why they  are now able to show no uncertainties and don’t depend on experts’ support anymore.

Radici del Sud activities will be carried out at Castello di Sannicandro di Bari involving each of its rooms, from those upstairs to the museum and even the stables.

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