Radici del sud now in the world of Apps to offer higher visibility and success to the eno&food sector of Apulia and surroundings

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Available for free download online by the end of the autumn, the App of Radici Guides will be officially presented on Monday  19th of December at “ Castello di Sannicandro” in Bari 

The promotional activity of the best eno-food products of Apulia and the surrounding regions is a non stop one. Radici del Sud has carried it out in such a successful way to make it possible to create a specific free App downloadable online from next December onward. Through Radici del Sud App every kind of information on restaurants, pizzerias and wineries producing wine from native grapes will be immediately available on the smartphone so as to allow the final users to quickly and simply evaluate and visit the most interesting places, store them among their favourites, recommend them through the social networks, make comments and much more.

The new App written both in Italian and English with its many functions will be presented on Monday 19th December 2016 at “Castello di Sannicandro” during a special evening  when there will also be a preview of the further activities proposed by Radici del Sud and the Wine Exhibition scheduled for June 2017 edition. Besides the many chefs, the master pizza makers and the wine producers mentioned by Radici Guides, the event will be  joined also by some skilled nutritionists who will stress once more how important a healthy diet is  to prevent and treat the so many widespread illnesses afflicting people. The program they will discuss will be carried out in close collaboration with the restaurants and specialist doctors and will aim on one hand at properly informing the final users and on the other hand at raising restaurant keepers’ awareness on the crucial role they play in the customer’s health and wellbeing.  

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