13th June 2016: Radici del Sud welcomes the chefs of the South Italian cuisine

Exhibition of South italian wines


The closing dinner of the eleventh Exhibition of South Italian wines will be in the capable hands of the Mezzogiorno chefs

The prominent figures of the South Italian cuisine will be six and together they will prepare the closing dinner of Radici del Sud 2016 where all wine & food lovers are invited  next 13th June. Buying the coupon which includes 6 tickets, beyond the tasting kit which allows to enter the Exhibition of Wine held on the same day (from 10 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.), visitors will taste the dishes that each chef will create keeping in mind the idea of sustainability  and thinking of the raw materials of the land they come from so as to best exalt their peculiar quality features. It will also be possible to taste the 432 labels (of the 184 registered wineries) joining Radici del Sud. There will be a buffet dinner in the comfortable open spaces of the Una Hotel Regina (BA) where the wines from South Italian native grapes will be greatly  enhanced being the objects the event focuses on. Radici has involved the most renowned international wine experts for 11 years and these have  always been  ready to follow  the constant evolution of this sector represented by hundreds of significant and qualified producers. 

The six chefs, to be found in reserved positions where the wine stands are located, will realize some dishes where the ingredients will be manipulated as little as possible in favour of very light cooking methods, marinating and other techniques resulting into rather surprising dishes.

Nando Salemme (Abraxas osteria/Pozzuoli) from Campania, Bianca Celano (Qcucinaqui/Catania) from Sicily, Mariantonietta Santoro (Al Becco della Civetta/Castelmezzano) from Basilicata, Giuseppe Gatto (Da Lucrezia/Trebisacce) from Calabria, Stefano D’Onghia (Botteghe Antiche/Putignano) and  Roberto Caputo (Una Hotel Regina/Bari) from Apulia are the chefs Radici del Sud 2016 has assigned the task  of faithfully  showing  the essence of the real South Italian gastronomy. With their ambition, passion and hard work they all concentrate day after day on the generous available raw materials  so as  to know and understand them before combining them in a special and sometimes unforeseeable way of cooking, yet fully respecting their natural flavours. The results they get, as well as the frequent prizes, make these chefs some remarkable interpreters and ambassadors of the most identity-making cuisine of South Italy.

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