Wine insiders from all over the world gathered at Radici del Sud

Exhibition of South italian wines


Attracted by the appealing native wine the most qualified wine experts will join the renowned event  in Bari for its eleventh edition 

Foreign journalists and importers are awaited from Sweden, Lithuania, Poland, Finland, Holland, Denmark, India, Canada, U.S.A., Brazil and Japan at Radici del Sud with its many scheduled activities through which they will look into the true nature of the competing wines knowing their origins and evolutions. The qualified and very skilled journalists coming from all over the world will be involved on 8th, 9th and 10th June in the press tours throughout Apulia. They will be given the opportunity to get in direct touch with the wineries and the production areas, thus appreciating how complex and brave the South Italian wines  are when they strongly express themselves showing high level peculiar features.

During  the same days  wine buyers and producers will hold face to face meetings in Bari where they will show and promote their labels. The two following days will be mainly devoted to all the activities related to the competition of about 400 wines, as well as to the many blind tasting sessions led by four juries organized in a way to allow immediate verdicts to be read. Both foreign and national buyers will be  part of the same jury, they will express their judgment presumably giving particular attention to how the wines prove appealing to the markets. Instead the journalists will make up a single group and will give a more complete judgment. The last day -on the 13th June- will be devoted to  the wine Exhibition which will  be enjoyed by both wine experts and lovers who will visit the stands of the wineries with all their wines from 10 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.  At the Exhibition visitors will also be given the opportunity to taste the best typical products of South Italy.

The wines will be also celebrated by the best known chefs of South Italy who will conclude the eleventh Exhibition of wine from native grapes organizing a great eno-food party open to the public. 

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