Radici del Sud 2016 back to Bari


The Exhibition of South italian wines will be back from 7th to 13th june

The new eleventh edition will disclose some great innovations supporting the growth of wine produced by native grapes.

The most remarkable aspect making Radici del Sud an unequalled event within its category is the opportunity it gives to have a useful cultural exchange between the wineries and the leading wine professionals working in the markets worldwide. Thanks to their specific know how they are able to catch and anticipate the most successful trends. On the one hand Radici del Sud has succeeded in providing even those wine experts who ignored this reality with a deep knowledge of the world of native grapes grown in South Italy, strengthening it year after year. On the other hand Radici has always tried to support the wineries to get in touch with the most qualified experts able to advise their commercial choices in a useful and convenient way.

As it aims at becoming an increasingly effective tool for producers to rely on, Radici del Sud 2016 will improve once again bringing about significant still in progress changes to  its schedule. Among them we can reveal that the way juries are arranged will be changed in a very significant way: instead of being divided into different groups – the foreign one and the Italian one - all the journalists will taste the competing wines being in the same jury, whereas the other jury will be made up of buyers and importers, both foreign and Italian. This new arrangement of the juries will allow to view the results in a more immediate way. On the one hand we’ll have the judgement of those who take into consideration the market trends paying particular attention to the market requirements; on the other hand we’ll rely on the more impartial judgement of the journalists coming from all over the world who will exchange their opinions.

See you from 7th to 13th June in Bari which proved to be the most strategic place as it is  a convergence point of every form of constructive commitment aiming  at enhancing the sector of wines from South Italian native grapes.


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