From just a minor role to a central one The South Italian wine gets its revenge through Radici del Sud and satisfies the international experts


The 2016 edition is already being planned. It will be held in Bari and will introduce remarkable innovations making  the event even more effective and producer oriented.


Not only the panorama of the native wine produced in South Italy is meant to be the new frontier of the Italian wine, but it also caught the wide audience of qualified connoisseurs who joined the tenth Radici del Sud edition that has just ended. Through the many activities conceived to penetrate a quite unknown reality – just from an international point of view- which simply needs to be enhanced, the over 380 labels of the 181 producers of wine from native grapes joining the event in Bari caught the interest of the many journalists and wine buyers coming from every corner of the world. Here they spent seven days of tastings, meetings, workshops and tours throughout the areas proposed by Radici del Sud exchanging their ideas and getting directly in touch with the producers.

Apart from the prizes the wines got in the various categories entering the competition and the consequent prestige the producers achieved, the most significant element which makes Radici del Sud an unequalled event is that of offering an extremely useful  cultural exchange between the wineries and the leading wine operators working in the world markets. Relying on their specific know how, they are able to identify and even anticipate the most successful trends. 

On the one hand Radici del Sud succeeds in providing the wine experts –even those who ignored it – with a deep knowledge of South Italian native grapes that is strengthened year after year, on the other hand Radici is working for the wineries so as to allow them to approach in a useful and profitable way the most qualified experts who are able to steer them thanks to their well based and full knowledge of the great varieties and potentials the South Italian wine sector has. Radici del Sud will enhance the way activities are arranged introducing remarkable changes which are already being worked out in order to offer an even more effective tool producers will rely on. Let’s meet next June from 7th to 13th in Bari which has proved an absolutely strategic place being a centralizing pole where every form of commitment aims at  enhancing the native grape sector of South Italy.


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