Radici Wines, Radici Restaurants and Radici Pizzerias now available on  www.radicidelsud.com 

The compendium reviews  which show  the unequalled goals reached both in the production of South Italian native wines and the field of Apulian catering  can be freely consulted on Radici del Sud website.

The three different guidebooks offer a comprehensive overview of the fields  where the great Apulian eno-food offer expresses its unmistakable strong features and its complex, yet extremely charming soul, relying on both local history and traditions, but using updated techniques and technology. Through the reviews of wines, restaurants and pizzerias one can now comfortably consult online, it will be easier not to get lost in the unceasingly evolving and lively eno-food panorama related to Apulia and all the Southern regions.  

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