Offering a great  deal of interesting scheduled activities, the well known kermesse about wines produced from native grapes of Southern Italy is taking place from 9 to 15 June in Bari  

Punctual at their appointment  in June this year in Bari, Radici del Sud is offering a remarkable programme of activities aimed at celebrating all  the skilled producers of wine from native grapes of Southern Italy, as well  as as giving reliable cues to promoting these grapes, At this  tenth edition wine experts  from all over the world will be present and will certainly offer  the opportunity to hear their suggestions based on their significant experience, and to compare  trade strategies  to be adopted in the future.

With this goal in mind, the next Radici del Sud edition expects a numerous attendance on the part of the many wine lovers who attended previous events showing curiosity and interest. They can book the various scheduled activities even if they don’t belong to the category of wine experts. Moreover, during the several sessions of blind tastings where the wines to be awarded the prize will be decided, there’ll be a tasting bench reserved for visitors only who will be led by skilled tasters in order to better know, understand and penetrate the complex competing wines. Radici del Sud 2015 will take place from Tuesday 9 June to Monday 15 June in Bari, which has been chosen for the ease in which it can  be reached using the many air and rail links, including  international ones.

The list  of the journalists, wine importers and buyers who will participate includes well-known professionals coming from Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Sweden, Great Britain, Holland, the USA, China and Hong Kong. The experts coming from the East Asian market- which has proven to be extremely significant from a strategic point of view in the last years - will present an interesting focus scheduled for Friday 12 June. Most of the activities will be dedicated to trade meetings between producers and wine buyers, while the press will be busy with the  organized tours at  Apulian wineries and the neighbouring Southern regions during the entire program.

Another remarkable novelty of the  up-coming Radici del Sud is the composition of the  wine categories for  tasting by the two juries. The first group will be composed of 20 foreign tasters and the second by as many Italian tasters. The wines will be divided according to the grape, no longer based on their geographical region as in the previous editions. The aim is that of identifying the most relevant features of the different grapes regardless of the areas where they are grown and produced, thus strengthening the Radici del Sud brand  and making the product more recognizable once it is proposed on both foreign and national markets. The last day will be completely devoted to the Exhibition of Wines from Native Grapes. From 10  a. m. to 8 p.m. wine experts and visitors will be given to opportunity to visit the very rich eno-food fair of Southern Italy to get to know and appreciate the quality and  features of  local products.

Following will be a dinner arranged and led by the best chefs from several Apulian areas (Gargano, Salento, Alta Murgia, Gravine Tarantine, Valle d’Itria), who, with  chefs representing the other Southern Italian regions,  will propose a series of dishes  celebrating the winning  wines of Radici del Sud 2015. Starting from 1 February wineries can register and beginning in the month of April the public can register through the website to join the various activities.

Awaiting Radici del Sud 2015 and as a prelude to this release, we’ll soon publish the list of the activities throughout Southern Italy scheduled from this February to the end of June to promote the  discovery and appreciation of  the many excellent realities existing in this territory. 

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