RADICI successfully closes, awarding a prize to high quality wines and proving to be one of the most authoritative competitions of South Italy

Minervino Murge (Bari) – Sunday 22nd and Monday 23rd June Propapilla Association in collaboration with Dolce Guida held the third edition of  “Radici 2008”, the festival of wines produced from native grapes. The setting was provided by the residences Lama di Luna and Masseria Barbera, offering a magic view. The protagonists were two attentive and lively juries composed of note sommeliers, amateurs, journalists and enogastronomes from all over Italy and abroad and of representatives of A.I.S. and ONAV Associations, asked to estimate 146 known local labels.

The contest winner is by far a rosé wine, “Metiusco 2007” from Palamà Vini del Salento Cellar. The wine produced in the cellar in Cutrofiano has established an agreement from both the juries, getting a universal success. “ It’s a good indication – states Franco Ziliani (Corriere Vinicolo, De Vinis, Member of the Italian Sommelier Association, Focus wine, LaVINIum.com, Vinoalvino.org) – considering the not so brilliant vintage for rosé wines that has clipped aroma’s wings, making them less successful. This sign seems to be a reconquest from one of the Italian capital of rosé wines by a type of wine that both Italian and foreign consumers are appreciating more and more. When it is combined with summer tasty dishes, it gives wonder performances and, above all it’s extremely pleasant to drink, as my colleagues and me experienced during this interesting adventure”.

The first wines awarded by the two juries are the following: Agricole Vallone – Villa Flaminio, Santi Dimitri – Rosato Negroamaro for rosé wines, Antiche Aziende Canosine – Phatos, Conte Spagnoletti Zeuli – Rinzacco, Torre Quarto - Bottaccia for  Nero di Troia vines,  Vitivinicola Candido – Duca D’Aragona e Paolo Leo - Orfeo for Negroamaro, Masseria Ludovico – Primitivo, Masseria Pepe – Dunico 2005 e Feudi San Marzano – Sessantanni for primitivi , Consorzio Viticoltori Associati del Vulture – Vetusto, Elena Fucci – Titolo e Carbone – Stupor Mundi for Aglianico vines,  Attanasio – Sweet natural Primitivo di Manduria of 2006 and  Tormaresca - Kaloro for sweet wines. 
Even this year the extremly accurate work carried out by Franco Ziliani, Ian D’Agata, David Furer, Carlo Macchi, Enzo Scivetti, Luciano Pignataro, Teodosio Buongiorno, Vito Intini, Giampaolo Gravina, Giuseppe Colamonaco, Luciano Lombardi, Francesco Zompì, Giuseppe Misuriello, Antonello Magistà, Paolo Bargelloni, Nicola Campanile, Pasquale Porcelli, Paolo Costantini, has provided interesting considerations about native varieties in Apulia. The most surprising would be Negroamaro from Salento, after two slow years, as well as  sweet wines that, according to the juries, show a more vivid and definite personality. Primitivo doesn’t fail, while rosé wines should be more highlighted, point out Carlo Macchi, Giampaolo Gravina and Franco Zialiani: “we should dare and risk a bit more” to characterize still more a production where producers tend to make “technical”, impeccable, but lacking impetus”. The idea to enhance and  protect this wealth is not limited only to the Apulia contest, but goes on ahead, bringing the five best wines for each label to the wine contest that will take place at the Palazzo Affari ai Giureconsulti in Milan in Autumn, arranged in collaboration with Onav. Even this year Radici 2008 relies on autochthon wines, bravely trying to overcome regional borders to promote the most worthwhile labels. Ad Maiora!

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