Apulia taste

From 28th to 30th June 2009 Apulia tastes will be at the 55th Summer Fancy Food Show of New York with Apulia’s  best oils and wines looking for new markets in North America “Apulia has just started to talk about food and wine using an international language showing its best quality able to fascinate people thanks to its authenticity, culture and gastronomic tradition”.

This is what Nicola Campanile points out, chairman of Propapilla, theAssociation charged by the regional Department of agro-food resources and economic development and Unioncamere to coordinate the most important window abroad on food and drinks. The growing interest in typical and high quality products showed by a larger number of consumers makes exportations from Apulia to the USA and Canada more than helpful. And the Summer Fancy Food is of course the most remarkable place giving the opportunity to present and taste Apulia products. 24.000 visitors are expected among buyers, small and mid-sized retailers, catering companies, restaurateurs, transport companies, importers and brokers. There are going to be  round table meetings, exhibitions and micro-events intended to establish the best relationship  between supply and demand. Food is becoming a more and more efficient means of cultural mediation able to transmit values and lifestyles guaranteeing very intense experiences. Buying a bottle of wine made from Nero di Troia, Negroamaro, Primitivo, Fiano, Aglianico doesn’t only mean getting a bottle of good wine, but also enjoying its taste as well as its history and the feeling that product is able to evoke and transmit. Every product represents a terroir, an area of Apulia to be told and tasted. From Daunia to Capitanata, Tavoliere, Murge, Adriatic and Ionic coasts till the finis terrae of the magic Salento: this is what is going to be showed and tasted. Besides agro-food windows, the chef Donato Cangelli and the international oil and wine critics Dragana Capone and David Furer are going to hold taste workshops leaving a very impressive mark.

As far wines, Propapilla is going to present its ambitious project “ Radici wines- Guide on Apulia wines to experts and wine lovers” , born by the Festival of native grapes whose 2009 edition will have just ended. Some of the wines exposed during this 4th competition are going to be tasted in New York City showing all their appeal and offering charm so that people will look forward to visiting Apulia and knowing more about it.

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