Radici wines and Apulia excellent products greeted with applause in New York

The 55th Summer Fancy Food of New York ended with producers, associations and freelancers being very satisfied and involved in supporting agro-food sector in Apulia as well as opening valuable markets abroad.   From 28th to 30th June visitors paid an endless attention towards all the goods exposed and the activities organised in the Apulia stand greatly and functionally equipped by Apulia Region, the Department of the economic development and the Department of the agro-food resources, Unioncamere and SPRINT Puglia supported by ProPapilla Association.   The intense feeling and involvement, the wide range of traditions and cultural elements fascinated and stimulated the skilled audience that looked forward to visiting Apulia stand with its typical and native productions. A day entirely devoted to extra virgin olive oil, the specific cultivars of particular Apulia areas, offering projections, remarks and tastings led by the skilled expert Dragana Capone, a necessary trait d’union between Apulia and America that is now discovering Apulia tastes. A native wines’ day to stress the uniqueness of white, rosé and red wines that only Apulia terroirs are able to express. An excellent presenter, the English journalist David Furer, a wine expert involved in several editions of Radici wine tour, commented on the slides and films talking about the features of the tasted wines that are: Nero di Troia, Primitivo, Negroamaro, Fiano and Minutolo. The young chef Donato Cangelli and his assistant Stefano Massi lived up to all the expectations being extraordinary able to put together the inimitable raw materials taken by the exhibitors coming from every part of the region. The multisensorial message addressed to buyers, journalists, opinion makers was clear: food, oil, wine from Apulia have something more compared to others and this difference lies in the deep roofs and culture they rely on.   There were more than three hundred useful contacts, about one hundred daily participants to the guided tastings, twenty cooperatives and firms, about forty wines presented from the selection of  the 9th Radici Festival edition. Everything was touching and fascinating, making people live a really pleasant experience. Apulia left its mark reaching its starting goals that are:

-          to promote Apulia and its production methods in particular its agro.food sector as well as its food culture;

-          to strengthen “Apulia system” with regards to how it can produce high quality products in the agro-food sector;

-          to promote the system of companies working in this field in Apulia;

-          to support Apulia operators in developing direct contacts with buyers and journalists.

The contest made it possible to check how Apulia products are sold compared to those from other Italian regions, getting extremely useful information about the marketing strategies to be adopted. In particular wines proved very successful thanks to their high quality and balanced price compared to better known wines from Tuscany, Veneto or Piemonte, being offered great opportunities to establish important contacts able to offer an adequate and more profitable position for producers, thus supporting both Apulia and its products and culture.   A very useful means to support knowledge in wines could be the guide both in Italian and English version named “Radici wines – Guide to Apulia wines by experts and wine lovers” made up of two sections: one containing descriptions and technical comments and the other one containing all the judgements by skilled wine lovers.   During the contest some exhibitors were offered to join other important meetings to present and propose agro-food products from Apulia, among which some contests at the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) in California, the most renowned cooking school of the United States.

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