In hoc signo Vinces

Radici: the Apulian wine revolution It can sound presumptuous, but it’s what has really happened.

Thanks to Radici, Puglia is raising its profile with wines at a both national and international level. This is the feedback got at the end of a busy year by Propapilla and Radici Wines Associations that are engaged in carrying out the homonymous festival. Radici wines is an idea, a project that protects and aims at enhancing all good wines from native grapes, wishing to preserve the link between territory and production in the belief that the products of the land are the expressive synthesis of all natural and cultural features belonging to each area. French people started to assimilate these concepts many years ago, that’s why the expression “vin de terroir” can create a number of expectations, images or stories about the vineyards of Bordeaux, Champagne or Bourgogne in the mind of those who taste wines or just read the labels before buying them. Undoubtedly Tuscany is well known worldwide like its wines for the same obvious reasons: centuries of grand tours, poems, novels and art works told everywhere worldwide. But how can the great excellent production of Primitivo di Gioia del Colle or Manduria be defined? And that of Negroamaro or Nero di Troia? Aren’t these legitimately vins de terroir? Of course they are!

The problem lies in the fact that the local producers and distributors haven’t considered it important, as they have never paused over philosophical and cultural matters, rather thinking to develop many know-hows related to vineyards and wineries. Even in Puglia we could speak of Cru and Gran Cru and so on, but….do it step by step. This year, under the sign of Radici and its deep meanings, Apulian wine lovers have begun to identify themselves, finding a motivation and a mission to share and support. This is the super partes revolution! All together, including regional institutions, to support firstly ideas and then producers with the aim to protect lots of unique ways to make lots of unique wines as well as the different natural environments and the cultural stratification of the territories, or terroirs as they are called, beyond every single label or company. This is how the year 2009 has marked time: in February Radici wines were tasted at Identitŕ Golose in Milan; in June 174 labels joined the Radici Festival whose winner wines took part in the Fancy Food, one of the most important New Yorker windows; Radici Wines – Guide on Apulia wines for experts and wine lovers- was written and published. But it’s not enough! In June two important wine tours were arranged with specialized journalists as well as Italian and foreign wine-writers; at the end of November two wine tours (one addressed to Asian buyers and the other to journalists) were organised, one of which led by the honest wine expert Franco Ziliani ( has just come to an end proving very successful with the presence of 70 producers and more than 250 wines tasted in 5 days, guided visits of buyers to wineries and vineyards. Three Primitivo Gioia del Colle DOC wines were absolute winners of Radici 2009, catching the attention of the market and the Italian guides and greatly satisfying the Consortium for the DOC protection.

Several guided tastings were held to analyse the styles and development of our wines. 2010 is expected to be even fuller of events and opportunities. The presence at fairs and international conferences are going to multiply looking for niche markets interested in approaching and appreciating still authentic wines that talk of extremely fascinating areas of the whole Puglia. A new and exciting edition of Radici – the festival of native grapes- addressed to a highly skilled audience is going to be arranged, as well as a new edition of Radici Wines Guide. Let’s toast our success!

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