Apulian wines were warmly welcomed in Brussels

Apulia captivated Europe and Brussels with its quality and authenticityApulian wines were warmly welcomed in Brussels Guided tastings aimed at the quality distribution Brussels, the 23rd March 2010.

The Apulia Region Department based at 62, Rue du Trone, slowly turned into a lively center of interest. As scheduled, at 10.00 a.m. the tastings started and the wines tasted were those selected among the participants at the last Radici edition, the festival of native grapes. This event was addressed to preferred renewed restaurateurs, both from Brussels and other Belgian areas, buyers working in the specialized distribution, journalists, experts as well as opinion makers, both Italian in Brussels and Apulia lovers. “In these latitudes and having a neighbor as France with its mastery, good wines are well appreciated and Apulian wine, skillfully made, is just expecting to be known and evaluated, without any fear to be compared with others”, points out Nicola Campanile, the event coordinator, who goes on saying “our wines, the native grapes of Apulia, are able to really astonish whoever whishes to taste them and is open to all the visual, olfactory and organoleptic sensations they can evoke”. The task of Institutions consists in supporting wine production and culture and Apulian representatives show it through a series of scheduled events aimed at creating a good balance between supply and demand. As a matter of fact, there were about fifteen producers involved in the event, who met the participating selectors in the afternoon and found agreements with them. “Radici Wines” – the guide to Apulia wines for experts and wine lovers” proved to be very useful as it contains all the reviews written by wine experts and lovers on the 175 wines that joined Radici 2009 Edition. The guidebook was introduced and distributed before the tastings began. It is written into both Italian and English and contains precise information about productions and wineries. Everyone really appreciated it and asked for it. We were impeccably welcomed, the lay-out and support arrangement were absolutely efficient, as everything was led by the skillful Doctor Casalino, the chief executive of Apulia Region Office in Brussels. After 6.00 p.m. a large delegation of Parliamentary executives joined the contest together with wine lovers and other local personalities involved in a great tasting of typical Apulian products combined with native wines. Everything was cured by Masseria Barbera of Minervino Murge. A large number  of Italians living in Brussels played the role of ambassadors of Apulia cooperating with their colleagues from other countries within a framework of great conviviality and cultural exchange. At the end of the evening, what was clear was the interest showed in our wines and that in quality wines by connoisseurs, since they proved to be more competitive in terms of prices than the so renewed labels, both Italian and French or German. Apulia’s got its own style and temper made up of a variety of features, territories and cultural backgrounds having very deep roots that can be clearly understood through its wines.

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