Wine and Tourism: The Winning Couple of Radici 2009

Monopoli (Bari) – “Radici” forth edition, the festival of wines produced from native grapes, promoted by ProPapilla Association in collaboration withPasquale Porcelli and Enzo Scivetti sponsored by the Regional Departments of Agriculture and Tourism, will be hosted in the charming framework of Relais il Melograno in Monopoli from 14th to 16th June. The contest’s  leitmotiv will be the winning couple of wine and tourism that is still in fashion and always winning. “Radici 2009” supports the connection between agro-food products, particularly the wine made in Italy, and the land where they are grown. The contest will rely on a careful and varied jury made up of expert tasters, lovers, journalists, enogastronomes coming from Italy and abroad as well as ONAV representatives engaged in evaluating more than 150 well known local labels.   Located among imposing olive trees, Relais il Melograno will host 100 wine farms and qualified wine producers that will compete with their best products, selected among the following wine categories: PrimitivoNegro AmaroNero di TroiaAglianico del Vulturewhite wines (Bombino, Fiano and Minutolo) and rosé wines (North Puglia group: MontepulcianoNero di Troia and Black Bombino; South Puglia group: NegroamaroPrimitivoand Black Malvasia). The competition will provide the winning label after a confrontation between the jury composed of restaurateurs, winery owners, populizers of wine, and the technical jury made up of journalists and expert tasters. Puglia wine tour among tastes and treasures, along with tastings of the native grape varieties and continuous exchanges of experiences and points of view between producers and journalists, will end on Monday 15th June with dinner and a free tasting of all the competing wines open to the public.   The guests and direct protagonists of the jury made up of lovers-experts will be: Teodosio Buongiorno – President (restaurant Già sotto l’arco – Puglia wine selector for Gambero Rosso), Peppino Colamonaco (wine expert), Paolo Costantini(ONAV Professor,wine expert), Francesco Zompì (wine expert), Beppe Schino (restaurant Perbacco, wine expert), Luciano Lombardi (restaurant Vigna del Mar, wine expert), Alessandra De Candia (wine shop De Candia, wine expert), Betty Mezzina (sommelier A.I.S., journalist, wine expert), Giuseppe Fato (wine shop in Fermento, wine expert), Luigi Iamele (wine expert),Giuseppe Brancoli (wine expert), Paolo Bargelloni (sommelier A.I.S, wine expert). The jury of journalists will be composed of : Franco Ziliani – President( Journalist), Carlo Macchi (expert taster and journalist), Luciano Pignataro (journalist), Giampaolo Gravina (Guida I Vini dell'Espresso), Vito Intini (official wine taster,ONAV National councillor), Paul Op Ten Berg Olanda ( "The Sommelier journalist ASI official magazine   - Association de la Sommellerie Internationale), David Furer - Inghilterra(Contributing Editor ofi Santé magazine US, author of "Which? Wine Guide" and "Wine Places"), Lilian Turmes – Luxembourg (judge in important International tastings and journalist) , Natasha Hughes Inghilterra (International journalist writing for several magazines such as Decanter), Tom Cannavan -Scozia (expert taster and free lance journalist, wine expert), Mikko MontonenFinland(wine –writer and judge of well known wine competitions), Wilfried Moselt Germania (wine-writer and official wine taster). ProPapilla Association with its creativity, professionalism and initiatives, has made it possible to realize a more structured and better arranged edition. Apulia entrepreneurs have promoted a deeper knowledge of wine, directly from the places where it is produced in order to allow a greater awareness of what we drink and the features belonging to the lands where every grape is grown. “The Festival of native grapes not only supports an innovative revival of tradition,- points out Nicola Campanile, contest organizer, supported by Pasquale Porcelli and Enzo Scivetti - but it also  tries to take in constant consideration the tools  that are basic to safety enjoy high quality wine, spreading the desire to know it closely”.

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