China Market and Innovative Anti-Counterfeit Solutions in focus at Radici del Sud

Exclusive forum on China market was held at Radici del Sud at the Hotel Rondō in Bari, an important part of the Exhibition of South Italian wines week. The focus on the asian booming market had been run by MW Debra Meiburg, author, wine journalist and  wine educator based in Hong Kong.

She provided insight discussing the current trends in wine trade and consumption, dispelling also some of the most common myths. Wine producers, export manager and wine journalists attended the conference. Another key moment of the day was the seminar about the issue of counterfeit wines run by attorney Roberto Manno of WebLegal, law firm specialized in Intellectual Property Law who shocased the advantages of Icgene, the latest technology system capable to identify the DNA profile of the grape varieties that the wine was made from. Dorina Bianchi, member at the Agriculture Commission of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, came to speech at the conference giving an eye on how the Italian Government is providing anti counterfeiting measures and solutions against one of the most important businesses for organized crime.


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