Le Giare - Bari 

> Corso Alcide De Gasperi, 308 F - Bari - Tel. 080.5011383

> Closing day: always open

> Price: euro 40 (wines excluded)

> Credit cards: all credit cards accepted

> www.legiareristorante.it / info@legiareristorante.it 

New atmosphere, new faces at Le Giare! In Massimo Lanini’s kitchen, the skilled and talented chef Giovanni Luzzi (helped by Vito)  has revived, in just a few months, the restaurant located in Bari suburbs improving the quality and freshness of its ingredients, meticulously chosen in an obsessive search for  balance between  typical local flavour and  impeccable cooking methods.  We find  the “carpaccio” of young hen delicious served with wild herb cream and tartare of seasonal vegetables; the mackerel  coated in wild vegetables; the “pacchero” with fresh cherry tomatoes, rocket and caciocavallo cheese; the “spaghettone” with violet fish of Gallipoli and clams; the lamb or, as an alternative, the grilled donkey meat. Around 35 euro for a complete meal. As for wines, you may call Massimo who easily uncorks numerous bottles from his enviable, well- stocked cellar. 


Al Pescatore  - Bari

> Piazza Federico di Svevia, 8 - Bari - Tel. 080.5237039

> Closing day: always open

> Price: 40 euro (wines excluded)

> Credit cards: all credit cards

> www.ristorantealpescatorebari.it / ristalpescatore@libero.it

Picked  by customers of all ages, foreigners as well, the historic local trattoria works hard  and punctually in order to satisfy the daily crowd. The attentive owner, Onofrio, and the polite staff working in the dining room prove to be very efficient. The menu offers a dozen classic appetizers, from raw sea urchins, cuttlefish, squid and sea “carpacci” -according to availabilty-, to fried “paranzella”, the octopus made “alla Luciana” and the stewed soup of seafood and bread croutons. The tasty, fragrant main courses are traditional as well, like the spaghetti with sea urchin and the “pacchero” with mullet sauce. Much appreciated was the surprise of a sample of scorpion fish cooked in tomato sauce. The traditional local patisserie ends an always pleasing experience. A wide range of wines to meet any needs in terms of taste and money. Adequate prices. A bill of around 40 Euro.


Ristorante Biancofiore Bari

> Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 13 - Bari – Tel. 080.5235446

> Closing day: wednesday

> Holiday: August

> Places: 40

> Price: 45 euro (wines excluded)

> Credit cards: all credit cards accepted

> www.biancofioreristorante.it - biancofiorerist@gmail.com 

This restaurant located in the very heart of Bari continues to confirm a good level of quality and professionalism. It’s Diego Biancofiore’s professionalism that helps him select the seasonal local products. This way he gives his chef the opportunity  to choose among a great variety of ingredients. The octopus is served with cardoncelli mushrooms, celery cream, turnip and scallion; the squid  with artichokes and mint flavoured dried tomatoes.  The tuna fillet en almond croute with purple potatoes and caramelized red onion is also very good, as well as the traditional spaghetti with sea urchin pulp. Raw fish lovers will have very fresh seafood and an aromatic tartare combo. There’s a wide array of regional, national and foreign wines, as well as sparkling ones and organic products.


Ristorante La Bul Bari

> Via Villari, 52 - Bari - Tel. 080.5230576

> Closing day: Monday (open at night only)

> Price: 40 (wines excluded)

 > Credit cards: all credit cards accepted

> www.labul.it - info@labul.it

One of the most interesting stops in Apulia is the realm of Antonio Scalera and Francesca Mosele. The first works in the kitchen, while the latter is in the dining room, a wine expert who offers  a rare selection of labels, accurately chosen with passion.  La Bul offers some  variations of local  traditions in the way of cooking, marinating, taste combinations etc- getting uncommon and surprising results.  Every kind of raw fish is combined with warm Mediterranean flavours like pistachio, dry tomatoes or olives. The soup of fried cardoon, broccoli and sea snails, the homemade pasta served with “cannocchie” pulp, the soup of “maltagliati” and scorpion fish are some of the most appealing dishes. The same surprising and uncommon results when opting for the meat with the delicious lamb variation. End with exquisite desserts and a wine list of great personality.  40 euro excluding wines.


Ristorante Perbacco Bari

> Via Abbrescia, 99 – Bari – Tel. 080.5588563

> Closind day: saturday at lunch and sunday

> Places: 45

> Price: 30-40 euro (wines excluded)

> Credit cards: all credit cards accepted

> www.ristoranteperbaccobari.com/ perbaccobari@alice.it 

A pleasant atmosphere reigns in Beppe Schino’s  Perbacco Restaurant and Wine Bar: displayed bottles, antique funrniture and a small loft dining area. The owner visits the tables with delicacy and elegance, showing the menu or giving proper advice on wines. The gastronomic line is in Mirko Claudio’s hands. He prepares dishes which don’t belong to just one culinary tradition. Whereas the excellent “mezzelune” stuffed with turnip tops and dressed with tomatoes and anchovies, or the cereal soup with artichokes, potatoes and cardoncelli mushrooms are of Apulian origins, the tasty scottona beef  with gorgonzola cheese and the aubergine roulades filled with swordfish overcome the regional borders. Very interesting wine list.

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