Radici del Sud 2020 - how to join and all the news of the 2020 edition

Exhibition of South italian wines

From 10 to 15 June 2020 the event dedicated to wines and oils from Southern Italy returns to Sannicandro di Bari (BA). Three new regions, renewed juries and a more streamlined format for the Salone.


Entries for the fifteenth edition of radici del Sud are officially open, the event dedicated to the best oils and wines of Southern Italy scheduled for June 10 to 15 of 2020. This year the event will also involve producers from Sardinia, Abruzzo and Molise , thanks to Maurizio Valeriani of Vinodabere, partner of the event together with Luciano Pignataro Wine Blog, Intravino, Slowine, Vinarius, AEPI, AIS Puglia and Assoenologists who will follow the path of dissemination of the wine and oil panorama of all the Regions of Southern Italy.

Another of the novelties of this edition will be the different composition of the juries of the Southern Wine Competition, which will be composed solely of Italian and international journalists. Importers will no longer be among the jurors, but will decree separately the three best wineries according to their target market and will be engaged in B2B meetings with wine and oil producers. During the week of the event both the press and buyers will spend three days visiting the territories,  the vineyards and cellars, to get in touch with the peculiarities and uniqueness of local wines of the South and their producers.

“In addition to the new juries and the involvement of the Sardinian, Abruzzese and Molise producers - explains Nicola Campanile, organizer of the event - the big news of this edition will be the day of Monday 15 June, dedicated to the Salone open to the public: in fact we thought of a more streamlined format, to facilitate the activities of producers during the day open to the public and be able to better welcome visitors to the tasting counter, avoiding to make concurrent events that in part will be held in the lounge from 16.00 to 22.00 like the cooking show activities held by some chefs from Southern Italy. "

So during the fifteenth edition of Radici del Sud the Southern Italian Wine and Oil Fair will be completely reprogrammed, open to the public on Monday 15 June. The award ceremony of the winning wines will take place during the morning, starting from 11.30, while the tasting tables officially open to visitors from 16.00 pm until 22.00. The tasting event will involve all the wine and olive producers participating in Radici del Sud, as well as a food area where you can taste the best gastronomic specialties of the area. Starting from 20.00 there will be two chefs who will prepare some typical dishes served until the end of the event which, given the great success of the past few years, this year continues until 22.00.


RADICI DEL SUD 2020 - Exhibition of wines and oils of Southern Italy

Where: Norman Swabian Castle of Sannicandro di Bari (BA)

Open to the public: 15 June 2020

Hours: from 4.00 PM to 10.00 PM

Admission: € 15 tasting kit (including: glass, pouch holder and tasting notebook)

Parking: available

Minors do not pay entry and can not make tastings.

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