Radici's Best In Show will designate the Top 4 Wines among The 66 Winning Finalists of the 12th Edition of the Exhibition of Wines from Southern Autochthonous Vines

Exhibition of South italian wines


A jury of experts who will meet at Locorotondo on Tuesday 19 and Wednesday, September 20th, to assess the excellence of Radici del Sud 2017

A jury composed of Italian professionals will meet on September 19 and 20 at the CRSFA Research Center in Locorotondo (Valle d'Itria) to further skim the labels most appreciated in the various categories of competition and designate the best white wine, the best sparkling wine, the best rosé wine and the best red wine. The tasting of the 66 wines will take place in two separate batches (http://www.radicidelsud.it/news-eventi/13976/radici-del-sud-2017-a-sannicandro-svelati-i-70-vini-finalisti.html) sessions and each wine will be marked only by a number to prevent the presence on any identifying element that coud link the wines to be tested to the Radici 2017 winner's list, made public since June. The jury will be made up of Italian enogastronomists and wine makers already familiar with the panorama of the native wines of southern Italy and the typical identity aspects that distinguish them.

The great closing party dedicated to the winning wines will be held on Monday 27 November at the Castle of Sannicandro in Bari with a great gala to honor all the producers of the winning labels of the last edition of Radici del Sud, valued by two different juries comprised of both national and international buyers and journalists.

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