Radici del Sud ninth edition has just concluded proving to be an exciting opportunity to discuss and compare the main themes about the ampelographic heritage of South Italy



Aimed at deeply involving all the international guests coming enthusiastically to Radici, the numerous activities scheduled for the seven days devoted to the native wines produced in South Italy offered the precious opportunity to the wineries to be introduced and to fully show all their characteristics as well as the quality of their wines. The BtoB meetings held over five ad hoc sessions were joined by 70 wineries and about 12 buyers coming from Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Lithuania, Holland, Hungary, Russia, USA, UK, Columbia and Brazil as well as from Italy. They got well in touch with each other enjoying the quiet atmosphere offered by Masseria Caselli that finely welcomed the event allowing the activities to be smoothly carried out. Also the blind tasting of the almost 400 samples joining the competition that awarded the most convincing products, took place over three days as to allow the juries to comfortably evaluate each wine and meanwhile to appreciate the vast array of the South Italian ampelographic heritage.

The last day, when the Exhibition of wines from native grapes began, recorded about 1000 visitors among wine experts and lovers. Besides the opportunity to taste the wines participating at Radici 2014, the Exhibition gave the opportunity, through more than 100 wineries’ stands, to know more and to taste even the most representative local gastronomic produce. The buffet dinner was really successful.


It was prepared by seven talented chefs gathered at Radici who confirmed their expertise even on this occasion. Antonio Scalera (La Bul/Bari), Angelo Sabatelli (Monopoli), Giovanni Luzzi (Le Giare/Bari), Giueppe Ciavarelli (La Claque/Molfetta), Paolo Ortesta and Salvatore Amato (La Cuccagna/Crispiano), Franco Laterza (Masseria Caaselli/Carovigno) excellently succeeded in providing dinner to the 500 guests. The guests could freely choose among more than 390 labels to be combined with the different dishes.

The meeting “ The South Italian wine economy facing the crisis” was particularly interesting as it dealt with the complex issues about how to place the South Italian wines on the International markets, the opportunity to enhance their recognizabilty through the upgrading of the terroirs with their different facets and the strategies to be shared by the wineries to penetrate markets and consolidate the acquired positions.


Skilled analyses and proper suggestions were made by wine experts like Ole Udsen and other colleagues and journalists, as well as by wine buyers, the Presidents of Assoenologi, the producers Massimiliano Apollonio and Roberto Di Meo, Sebastiano De Corato, the President of “ Movimento Turismo del vino” -also producer-, the journalist and wine-blogger Luciano Pignataro, Maurizio Gily, the President of the national jury Francesco Muci and finally the chairman of the regional committee Nardoni, coordinator of the regional Department of agricultural policies.

Sincere thanks to all those who made the carrying out of the event not only possible, but impeccable, from all those working on the project with different job tasks to the Department of agro-food resources, but also Pugliapromozione, the Province of Bari and the 173 wineries joining the ninth edition.

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