Radici del Sud enjoyed a real boom with the many wineries entered. The exhibition of wines from native grapes - from 4th to 9th June in Carovigno - proves to be the absolutely most outstanding event

The endlessly growing number of wineries entering  Radici del Sud we’ve recorded every year since 2006 hasn’t stopped. 170 wineries coming from Apulia, Campania, Calabria, Sicily and Basilicata are joining the next edition of the event which focuses on the wines produced from native grapes.


Much to our regret we have had to reject some extra applications for registration in order to allow the several scheduled activities to be carried out properly, thus  guaranteeing to experts, producers and guests joining the event as much satisfaction as possible. Like in the previous editions, also at Radici del Sud 2014 there will be both scheduled activities addressed to wine experts and the closing day – 9th June- open to wine operators and wine lovers who will closely know everything about wines, their traditions and terroirs. Even this year we’ll rely on the helpful Francesca Tamburello, responsible for spreading information in Sicily and Calabra, and Giovanni Gagliardi who, together with the media partner LucianoPignatarowineblog, Nicola Campanile and the supporting Apulian Department for Agriculture, Pugliapromozione and the Province of Bari have succeeded in involving 163 wineries, as well as the most skilled wine journalists, buyers and experts, these latter being greatly appealing to  the participating wineries.

A really significant and skillful contribution will be given by the journalists Ole Udsen and Tom Cannavan. The two juries will be made up of 34 experts among  national and international guests who will evaluate the competing wines in their  different categories, following a partially  renewed formula. This will allow a constructive cultural exchange between the group of experts and those members of the jury, mostly coming from abroad, who aren’t too familiar with this peculiar product yet, in order to increase their sensitivity towards the world of native grapes and  giving them the opportunity to recognize and transfer in their counties their charm. During the six days there will be plenty of theme activities, especially those devoted to the grapes and the comparative vertical tastings. The eagerly awaited  day will be the closing one on 9th June, that of the Exhibition of wines, which can be visited from 11,00 a.m. to 8,00 p.m.. All the wineries and the farms that produce delicious gastronomic products and handmade goods will arrange their stands. At 6,00 p.m. there will be the scheduled conference whose theme will be “The South Italian wine economy facing the crisis” where well known personalities will take part. At 7,30 p.m. the names of the most appreciated wines of the ninth edition will be announced. At 9.00 p.m.  a closing buffet dinner will be realized by six famous Apulian chefs who, according to the revisitation of the local gastronomic traditions, will present their own interpretation of some of the most representative dishes of South Italian regions. They will be served with the whole selection of the about 350 wines joining Radici del Sud 2014.

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