Radici of South Italy and the good reasons why to set high expectations






 Before now I thought that these days wine producers just needed to be supported and encouraged without discussing their work or suggesting them any changes, but only recognizing their achievements and qualities. However, thanks to the useful exchange of ideas I had with the wine buyers and writers  from the US, Poland and Denmark that joined  the fifth edition of Radici Wines Experiences, I changed my mind. I think what they professionally suggested are precious and helpful indications and reading the blog I’ve noticed that someone else  now thinks the same as me.  I’ll explain.


While we were waiting for the last guests to arrive, I had a pleasant and fast meal with two American buyers who told me about the latest US eno-food trends. To explain them, they took Mc Donald’s as an example. Most Mc Donald’s customers are adults that not only have become “poisoned”, but “fast food addicted” as well. On the contrary, younger people who maybe have been successfully taught to avoid bad food habits, not only look for quality food, but also identify in this category all foods whose origins can be certified. This certification is considered a further guarantee of their being unadulterated. Young people are also interested in visiting those places that are renowned for the quality food they can offer. The buyers I talked to told me about a real cultural revolution  that involves the eno-food sector, too. This shift is changing the life style of those people, usually the youngest ones,  who show a greater sensitivity, as they are the greater addressees of the fast and powerful information systems.

The phenomenon of those wines that necessarily had to appeal to everyone everywhere is turning into a research for products that can come from Italy, France, Mexico, Chile or elsewhere able to show their identity with no standard features.   The outdated idea of a “modern” wine is still applied in Chinese and Middle-Eastern markets, being the last ones to approach this sector. Here the fashion products still greatly meet tastes and skills that need to be refined. However, as the two buyers pointed out, the US market is rapidly changing and is no more available to accept products that don’t meet those criteria of uniqueness, territoriality, typicity  which are more and more appreciated and welcomed by the final consumer. In conclusion, according to my guests, all the producers who are not able to interpret this shift, will be likely to defeat their efforts, going on retracing others’ paths, yet  now abandoned in favour of  alternative ones that are the result of the new trends and needs this sector is expressing. The buyers advised me to induce all local producers to quickly change their philosophy and their strategies, in order to meet the new needs and trends. I realize that giving this advice to  successful and strong companies, asking them to suddenly change their strategies, is extremely difficult, as they feel a great responsibility towards all the families working for them. However I feel the promotion of this medium-time renewal plan as a sense of moral duty.

That’s why in 2011 the format of the festival of native grapes of Apulia and Basilicata is going to involve all Southern areas, bringing some interesting innovations. The great event is still taking place in Apulia and those wineries promoting  the renewal of vitiviniculture in South Italy will be given the opportunity to get directly in touch with the most renowned  press offices, both national and international, combining wine tastings and visits to wineries in the terroirs of the several areas involved, not only in Apulia. The idea that all Southern producers can share common strategies aiming at maintaining and promoting the authenticity of local traditions at an international level is going to be implemented. Moreover, the producers, in particular those belonging to smaller companies, feel a strong  need to gather their resources and share the same strategies. To approach the international scenario pursuing the same goal can mean finding, trough a univocal commitment, a more significant cooperation and resource exchange as well as renewed motivations. From a promotional point of view, it can also mean preventing a too fragmented message  from not being well targeted losing its importance. Radici of South Italy has exactly the task to establish the guidelines for this common policy. Starting from the indisputable quality of these products and outlining a precise identity will make it easier and successful to face the challenging world markets.

I’m strongly convinced this is the way to pursue our goal.

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