Great involvement at Radici Wines Experiences






The traditional eno-food meeting came to its end receiving sincere  applauses from participants. And now everybody is aiming  at  the future project named Radici del Sud 2011

More than 500 people, among visitors and wine operators both local and international, shared the  enthusiastic atmosphere that this event is able to generate every year. Supported by Apulia Region, the Departments of Tourism and Agriculture, as well as APT – Bari, ProPapilla Association, the President Nicola Campanile introduced the involving initiatives  held on the last day of the contest.


The vertical wine tasting was a sellout and made it possible to compare the traditional wines produced in South Italy. The three bilingual guide books were really appreciated. They were explained highlighting their function that consists in promoting Apulian unique territories and tastes even abroad. What was really new was the first edition of Pizzaviaggiando that praised the best pizzerias which are Le Vecchie Cantine in Taranto, Bella Napoli in Cerignola and Il Borbone in Gioia del Colle.

Then Vincenzo Rizzi and Nicola Campanile presented the eighth edition of Dolce Guida that gave  the special mention to Dona Flor in Bari(Winebar of the year), Le Vecchie Cantine in Taranto("Research of quality and ospitality"),U'Vulesce in Cerignola  (Typical restaurant of the year), Galeone Cosimo from La Barca di Ciro Restaurant in Pulsano (Young chef of the year), Ristorante Modò in Nardò (Novelty of the year), Taverna Bio Mediterranea Le Rune in Bari (atypical restaurant of the year) and La Bul in Bari (Restaurant of the year) among the several categories of chefs and operators. It is now clear how the renowned guide, through the impartial indications it offers, can meet year over year  in a more and more improved way, the audience expectations, including the foreign ones, looking not only for originality, but for authentic experiences as well.

Finally the busy report of the homonymous festival that has been awarding the best wines from Apulian native grapes for five years came to the fore, as well as the second edition of the guide book Radici Wines - Guide on Apulia Wines for experts and lovers that contains the scrupulous reviews of all the wines joining the 2010 competition. The reviews were authoritatively  written by Franco Ziliani with the precious support of Vincenzo Rizzi.


During the conclusive conference conducted by the journalist Luciano Pignataro , in the wonderful scenario offered by Masseria san Giovanni in Altamura, everyone supported the project that took shape involving all Southern areas into the festival of wines from native grapes named Radici del Sud 2010. The strong wish to cooperate expressed by every region involved was what Elena Martuscello together with Alessia Perrucci hoped for. They ensured that a great contribution from a logistic point of view will be given by the Association of Women of wine that they represent respectively at a national and regional level. The next meeting will rely on the precious collaboration of Franco Ziliani and Luciano Pignataro, too.

Nicola Campanile, the president of ProPapilla Association, stressed the need to better gather and coordinate the promotion initiatives coming from several associations avoiding to waste significant resources, since the funds destined for the promotion offered by both institutions and privates are likely to decrease.

Involvement and approval for this initiative as well as  for Radici del Sud 2010  was also shown by foreign journalists like Kerin O'KeefeCharles Scicolone,Gregory Dal Piaz (U.S.A.) and  Marek Bienczyk (Poland) as well as by the international buyers invited by Franco Ziliani to join an educational tour  organized by Radici Wines and ProPapilla Association.

At night  the guests were offered a pleasant convivial moment enjoying the dinner and tasting all the wines that won Radici 2010. The atmosphere was perfectly interpreted and expressed by the seven skilled chefs Mario Ottaviano from Trabucco in Peschici (FG), Peppe Zullo from  Orsara di Puglia (FG), Vito Netti from La Strega di Palagianello restaurant (TA), Domenico Minervini (Masseria San Giovanni), Franco Rizzuti from Osteria Marconi in  Potenza, Pietro Lecce from la Tavernetta in Camiliatello Siliano (CS) and Raffaele Vitale from Casa del Nonno 13 in Mercato San Severino (SA) whose dishes were perfectly in tune with the contest and its idea to promote a combination of talent, creativity and tradition belonging to South Italy.

What resulted was a general optimism and satisfaction that all the participants expressed when they left, promising they would get encouraging confirmation for the distribution of the three guide books presented.

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