Just few days before enjoying Radici Wines Experience 2010






The intense last day of Radici Wines Experiences devoted to food, wine and South territories is taking place on Monday 22nd November at Masseria San Giovanni in Altamura

On Monday 22nd November the audience will be offered many extremely interesting opportunities to experience all the tastes and emotions that Southern regions can offer with great intensity.


Thanks to the contribution of well known journalists, restaurateurs, opinion leaders and the renewed and strong support of Apulia Region, through the Departments of agriculture and tourism as well as APT-Bari, Propapilla Association is introducing a significant innovation.  It consists in giving the leading role not only to Apulia, but also to Calabria, Campania and Basilicata, each one witnessing its own eno-food excellent qualities. Gathering these different cultural identities, yet having “veracity” in common and sharing the same strategies, what is expected is a much stronger impact in promoting these territories and trading their products.

The most important meetings are the following: the winner wines of Radici 2010 Prize, the presentation of the three eno-food guide books of Apulia and the preview of the new contest called Radici del Sud taking place in 2011.

The contest is starting at 4.00 p.m. with the comparative tasting of two great Southern grapes presented and led by Franco Ziliani and Luciano Pignataro. Meanwhile Nicola Campanile, the chairman of the lucky Propapilla Association together with other editors, are going to talk about Pizzaviaggiando that is the first edition of a guide book on Apulian pizzerias.

At 5.00 p.m. Nicola Campanile and Vincenzo Ricci are presenting Dolceguida, introducing all the innovative elements contained in the eighth edition of the renowned bilingual guide book that will make us discover the most authentic and warm places within the  Apulian catering framework. At 6.30 p.m. Nicola Campanile, Franco Ziliani and Vincenzo Ricci are presenting Radici Wines – guide on Apulia wines for experts and wine lovers. What are mostly expected are the speeches of   Elena Martusciello, the national President of Donne del vino,Dario Stefŕno, from the regional Department of Agriculture, Luciano Pignataro, Franco Ziliani and well known journalists as Kerin O’KeefeCharles Scicoloneand Gregory Dal Piaz (Usa), Marek Bienczyk (Poland) as well as the whole group of the foreign wine buyers who are going to present Radici del Sud, the new festival of native grapes that can be now joined by all Southern Apulian regions. It’s an ambitious project, yet strongly supported by many important institutional partners that are absolutely sure it is going to be a successful initiative.

From 8.00 p.m. the 35  wines from native grapes that won Radici 2010 among 178 competing wines are going to be tasted, before starting the closing event cured by seven well known chefs coming from Apulia, Campania and Basilicata. They areMario Ottaviano from Trabucco of Peschici (Fg), Pietro Lecce from Tavernetta of Camiliatello Silano (Cs), Vito Netti from La StregaRestaurant of Palagianello (Ta), Raffaele Vitale from Casa del Nonno 13 Restaurant, Mercato San Severino (Sa), Peppe Zullo from Orsara di Puglia (Fg) and Domenico Minervini from Masseria San Giovanni. Seven catering areas are going to be arranged in the enchanting rooms of Masseria San Giovanni -www.iluoghidipitti.it - where each of the seven chefs is going to realize a course based on one of the most representative products of the land they come from. The dish will be combined with the most suitable wine among the 35 award-winning ones. Moreover the products will be shown to the guests so that people will learn about their features and the elements referring to their origins.

“Apulia really wishes to cooperate with other territories that have and want to preserve a rich heritage at a both material and cultural level – points out Nicola Campanile – in order to more forcefully assert  SOUTH brand”.

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