Radici Wines Experience Autumn 2010






Radici Wines Experience – Autumn 2010

Wines, food and  landscapes of Apulia and its surroundings


19th  – 22nd November 2010

Masseria San Giovanni in Altamura (Bari)


After Summer and grape harvests that are still in progress, Radici organizers are planning new activities to promote and spread wine culture.


“Radici Wines Experience – Wines, food and landscapes of Apulia and its surroundings” is the macro-contest that is going to take place in November from 19th to 22nd with the main aim of giving birth to commercial and cultural exchanges  with nine wine buyers and five wine writers coming from America, Denmark and Poland. The event also aims at still inducing those markets looking for genuine and exciting things to approach Apulia.

The  event is organized by Propapilla Association with Nicola Campanile and relies on the collaboration of two well known figures working in the wine field, as Franco Ziliani and Luciano Pignataro who are both journalists, sommeliers. They  widely know territories and products and divulge them.

Apulia Region as well as the department of agriculture and that of tourism are institutional supporters together with the office for tourism promotion of the province of Bari.

The contest will be planned to allow different activities to be carried out simultaneously.

On Friday 19th and Saturday 20th November buyers and foreign experts will have BtoB meetings with the wine producers that are on the list. On 19th all the firms producing Primivo  and those working in the Salento region will be involved, while on 20th November Central, North Apulian and Vulture firms will join the contest.

On Sunday 21st and Monday morning (22nd November) all foreign  operators will enjoy a busy and extremely interesting tour during which they will be taken through Apulian wonderful landscapes, monuments, villages, towns, vineyards and  wineries. Dinners and tastings are scheduled on these days with the aim of promoting exchanges between producers, buyers, experts, restaurateurs, journalists, institutions and associations.

On Monday from 4.00 p.m. all the activities will be concluded with the presentation of three  works written to divulgate all the places and people that are synonymous of good food and drink. We’ll start with Pizzaviaggiando, the first edition of a guide that makes readers discover the best Apulian restaurants which offer pizza with its extremely powerful creativity. This will be followed by the eighth edition ofDolce Guida – Percorsi enogastronomici di Puglia e dintorni where readers can discover all the restaurants and wine bars that better express the identity of this region, as well as B&B, relais and palaces able to offer the typical  Apulian hospitality. At last the second and renewed edition of  Radici Wines – Guide on Apulia wines for experts and wine lovers will be presented. It contains all the reviews of the wines competing in the 2010 edition, written by Franco Ziliani (belonging to the jury made up of wine experts) with the collaboration of Vincenzo Rizzi (wine lover). At 7.00 p.m. the 35 wines that won the latest Radici Edition will be tasted and at 8.00 p.m.  six chefs coming from Apulia, Basilicata, Campania and Calabria will propose six different ways of cooking. These will offer a dish containing a typical product of the area they come from, advising on the best Radici wines that can be combined with food.

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