Acknowledgements and cues to reflect on

Radici – Festival of Native Grapes

The iniziative grows successfully because it is boosted by authentic passions and genuine interests.

The wine and the competition

What strongly arises from the 2010 edition of Radici is the collective orientation towards typicality and the convinced and shared commitment by not only Apulian wine-producers but also by Italian ones as a whole, to support and pursue the improvement and valorization  of the wines deriving from the traditions of territories. Probably the community is finally aware that the path undertaken some years ago in order to make Apulian wine take off by shipping tanks of wine to regions and countries that have some of the best positionings in the world,  is not the best to obtain the expected outcome. Just those who decided to follow their course, ignoring the outside flattering temptations, being strong in improving the ancient  culture of making wine from traditional grape varieties, have traced the right path, which is now giving more and more recognizability to wines from our region, both in Italy and abroad. Puglia has an enological panorama characterized by strong-identity wines  and our know-how in making wine has no more rivals. These, in my opinion, will be the keys for the incoming success. This is what the President of Coldiretti, Sergio Marini,  stated, too at the congress, last April during Vinitaly,  aimed at illustrating “The art of making wine between technology, tradition, territory and health”: “...Made in Italy wine-growing and wine making is less affected by the crisis than other countries and other industries, because it expresses the values of identity and the strong ties with the territory as winning on a world scale when compared to standardization”. As evidence of this, there is the admiration and curiosity the 20 Apulian wine makers together with their wines from grape varieties have arouse during the World Wine Meeting held in Chicago. Clearly, going to Chicago with 20 wine makers representative of all the Apulian territories vocated to traditional grape varieties’ growing is a strong signal in this direction: allowing the recognizability of both the region and its wine productions. It was about time!

So, contributing to consolidate the relations among producers (by taking part in competitions like Radici and coordinating wine-events abroad)  and betting on the huge traditional wine legacy ,is necessary combination in which Propapilla Association and Radici will keep on investing all of their forces.

Thank you, really !!

All the blogs, related websites and social networks have largely told the stories of the participants who had just left, after the three days in Monopoli, with a pinch of nostalgia for the beautiful moments spent in harmony and relax during Radici Festival. This was our goal: to leave an unforgettable memory of our territory, of the beautiful landscapes, of the atmosphere, of the places and, most of all, of the Apulian wines. Yes, it is true, it was the best edition of Radici; everybody, really everybody, have contributed to this successful edition: Melograno’s staff, all of the people managing extremely carefully the logistics issues for the event and the two juries and their Presidents which did a praiseworthy job, with their professionalism and reliability fully committed to the three-days event.

However, a special acknowledgement goes to the 101 wine producers who have believed once again in the organizers (many of them have been taking part in the competition since the very first edition). They boosted, with curiosity and vibrant participation, the exchange of ideas and the dialogue in order to find new stimuli and new goals to reach together with the whole Apulian wine industry.

At last, I thank the Regional Departments for Agricultural Policies and Tourism for being attentive to the main themes of the event and for having allowed Puglia to reach such important audiences of journalists, wine experts, wine-writers, esteemers and popularizers of the enological culture and, again thank you for supporting the implementation of all of the activities linked to the competition and the event promotion to the specialized audience to which it is addressed.


My observations.

During the last night many people expressed  their appreciation and gratitude four our commitment to the event and encouraged us to keep on following this path. The competition generates opportunities for the wine, but it can not remain a “giveaway” doomed to disappear. In such a hard moment, Radici was a successful event because, given the current difficulties the whole world is going through in terms of economic crisis, it was a place to communicate, to meet other actors of the wine industry, to exchange ideas and views in order to succeed together in setting new strategies to penetrate alternative but suitable markets for our wine.

Radici works because it is at the same time a competition for wines from native grape varieties (and we hope in the next years, it will be addressed not just to Apulian wines but to Southern Italian wines as a whole), and qualified meeting place where opportunities for producers to dialogue and promote their products, on foreign markets, too, converge. More than this, Radici is a whole set of activities put in place during all the year and which reach the highest visibility in the Festival. We hope fall season will be rich in interesting events, as well. Firstly, there is an Apulian Wine Exchange with foreign journalists an buyer to introduce the main traditional Apulian grape varieties and their territories through the 101 producers who took part in the 2010 edition of Radici, by dedicating two days to each of the varieties. Secondly, there will be the presentation of the second edition of the book Radici Wines– Guide on Apulia wines for experts and wine lovers, collecting reviews by experts and lovers for every wine competing in Radici 2010.

In the meanwhile, i hope you will keep on nurturing the exchange of ideas aimed at tracing a joint programming of the promotional activities to further push the Puglia brand as far as wines are concerned. Radici has been trying for some years to give a meaningful and correct visibility to these wines, in a non conventional but still passionate and qualified way.

Getting ready for the next step.

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