Radici Festival of Native Grapes about to start

Also this year, everything is ready to get the 5th edition of RADICI started. The Festival of Native Grapes will be held in Monopoli, from the 6th to the 8th of June 2010, at R&C Il Melograno, under the aegis of Assessorato alle Politiche Agricole and Assessorato al 
Turismo della Regione Puglia
curated by ProPapilla Association. Three days of intense activity dedicated to meeting, learning, exploring, tasting and evaluating the fascinating and exciting wine production of Puglia, which has heavily invested and bet on the character of its unique territories, culture and vineyards. 100 wine producers confirm their participation to the event and entrust the evaluation of more than 160 labels to international juries, of both experts and wine lovers, and to the selected audience taking part in the final congress scheduled on Tuesday the 8th. Judges, journalists and opinion makers coming from Europe, USA and Germany will be involved in different activities, among which the direct discovery of the Apulian territory and the in-depth exploration of the grapevines’ history and evolution by means of vertical tasting sessions in various cellars.

The organizers, Nicola Campanile, Pasquale Porcelli and Enzo Scivetti say:“ Radici Festival is just the shining tip of an iceberg made of meticulous and never obvious work during all the year, in order to look for or create the best opportunities to promote and increase value and reputation of wines from Puglia not just on national but also on international scale, where careful attention is paid to fine dining and drinking.”. Dario Stefano, Agricultural Policies Councillor of Regione Puglia, agrees with them and gives his support by attending the events organized by Radici. Dario Stefano will also take part in the final congress, on June the 8th. “It is essential to boost the dialogue and exchange of ideas among producers, and expand it outside the local boundaries in order to share experience and strengthen authentic features. We have a unique identity to preserve, which is made of small scale but well-varied productions. We can not risk losing the inner soul of our wine-making processes in the attempt of producing large quantities. We have to learn to play the system, to make consumers aware of Puglia brand, under which a huge heritage of traditional and new products stand. Radici events have this mission”. Together with Stefano, Marina Cvetic Masciarelli and Santi Planeta, who contributed to promote brand identity of respectively wines from Abbruzzo and wines from Sicily, will take part in the debate on the topic “Territorial Branding”. The producers’ opinions about the Festival are eagerly awaited, too. The competing wines will be reviewed and rated by experts and wine-lovers. Reviews will then be collected in the book, edited both in Italian and English, “Radici Wines – Guide on Apulian wines for experts and wine lovers.

Moreover the wines from Radici will participate in the important convention for wines and spirits, World Wine Meetings held in Chicago from the 11th to the 13th of June, in the Fancy Food held in New York and in many other relevant 
international events.

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