Apulia: 6th-7th-8th June 2010 Radici fifth edition

How to protect and enhance the identity and cultural resources of  wines from native grapes: all Propapilla’s strategies Compared to few years ago, if you talk about Apulia today, your interlocutor will immediately think of our charming region, end of our wonderful Italy. Apulia evokes its variegated landscape, its indented coasts, its vibrant light as are the fragrances that fill the air in every season. What the visitors’ look won’t certainly miss, within this so rich and varied framework, is the silver green olive trees and the meticulously ordered vineyards in their perfect geometry. Slowly, yet in a more incisive way, also the labels of excellent extra virgin olive oils and of an increasing number of wines,  proudly continue to tell stories about Apulia. These labels have been redeemed, being now considered as symbols of an aware identity and no longer as anonymous products to be sold in bulk. Becoming aware of our own identity, feeling how deep our roots are, gives dignity and strength, avoiding the fetters of ignorance and the so superficial trade strategies merely based on a “copy and paste” method. Our products contain the mastery of our territories, they are expected to enter excellent markets and they have to be considered from a quality instead of a quantity point of view. Supporting the efforts made by regional institutions for developing and spreading these products requires longer times, but gives sure results. This is what Propapilla Association pursues, carrying out “Radici – the festival of native grapes” together with all the activities that support the culture of Apulian native wines.

The year 2009, that has just come to its end, has been full of goals, as the rich Radici 2009 review shows. The year 2010 will consolidate Radici’s initiatives and brand, hoping to join all the best energies of our region, being supported by our vital institutions. The first international contest is going to be held in Bruxelles on 23rd of March. It will be addressed to Belgian restaurateurs as well as journalists and will certainly prove a wide window for very important relations. On this occasion all the wines produced by the 102 Radici producers will be presented as well as Radici guide “Guide to Apulia wines for experts and wine lovers”, giving precise information about the products. The festival is going to take place on 6th, 7th and 8th June at Il Melograno in Monopoli, having proved to be an absolutely adequate location both for its spaces for tastings and its central position to be easily reached by buyers and Italian and foreign journalists involved in the contest. Don’t forget that Radici is just at its fifth edition and it has already gained the trust of producers, journalists, restaurateurs as well as wine bar owners and wine lovers. There’s something new in this year’s organization. Firstly, there’ll be two new competition categories: that of minor red native wines and that of white ones, meeting a request by lots of producers; secondly, two enologists appointed by Assoenologi and chosen among those that don’t work for the competing wineries will join the technical jury. We are working on further events as well as an improved edition of  Radici Wine 2010 guidebook.

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