From Radici Wines Experience 2010 to Radici of south Italy 2011







Following Radici Wines Experience that both the audience and critics found extremely successful, the attention is now focused on the new project conceived during the contest. It consists in carrying out a larger event having long term objectives. The closing conference, that was a sort of brain storming led by Luciano Pignataro, one of Il Mattino  journalists of Naples, responsible for Slow Wine of Campania, Calabria and Basilicata, as well as Lucianopignataro WineBlog’s owner, stressed the opportunity to share the successful Radici experience with the rest of the Southern regions, creating a new format: the Festival of wine from native grapes named Radici of South Italy 2011. This may allow all Southern regions to participate, starting from the pioneer Apulia and Basilicata together with Calabria, Campania and Sicily, being the regions that best represent our heritage from the point of view of their grapes.

The need for cohesion and strengthening has been understood and supported by Franco Ziliani, a well known journalist, wine critic and writer for many specialized magazines and Vino al Vino blog’s owner, as well as by Elena Martusciello, the President of the national Association named Donne del Vino. Ziliani and Martusciello, together with Nicola Campanile, the president of ProPapilla Association and the author of Radici concept, are going to lead the new project.

This idea has been approved and supported by the local authorities who have informed their colleagues  working in the other regions. The project to make this format wider has also been happily accepted by all the  foreign qualified journalists and buyers who have been following Radici for years, confirming their wish to actively participate. The  Festival of Southern regions’ first edition is to take place in one of the most prestigious places of Apulia, where the competition of wines from native grapes is going to be held, thus stressing the Apulian roots of this project. Simultaneously the tastings and visits to wineries are going to take place in the other regions following the same methods. The festival will be based on the evaluation of those wines produced from local grapes, making a larger comparison  with the rest of the Southern regions. Besides the grapes that participated at the last editions, there will also be Falanghina and Aglianico for Campania, Gaglioppo for Calabria and Nero d’Avola for Sicily. Thanks to the several tastings and visits to the wineries made by the two juries, evaluation doesn’t only rely on organoleptic features, but it also takes into consideration authenticity, typicity and belongings to the territories where the grapes are grown.

The festival mission is always the same and consists in introducing and enhancing traditions and secrets belonging not only to Apulia, but to the rest of Southern regions as well. The competition that is now going to welcome all the new varieties mentioned above, evaluated by experienced national and international tasters, aims at making the memories of the  wines tasted  indelible, inducing tasters to promote those products in Italy and abroad. Obviously both the organizers and the participating wineries are perfectly aware that focusing on the quality and the fascinating and long history is no longer enough. What is needed today is a real commercial maturity based on the  ability to compete and specialize on peculiar excellences, concentrating on vintages rather than on the range, without giving in to market temptations.

Radici’s goals consist in making our territories visible and vendible considering them as experiences of tastes and emotions. Something that may be reminded and bought again. These are the reasons why the 2011 format is going to be extended to the other Southern regions. Producers of all regions need to be deeply motivated, orienting them towards a real cooperation that is necessary for facing a feasible and aware challenge with world’s markets. To do this, they may rely on the competition and the other promotion and internationalization activities it can generate. Radici of South Italy may be a useful means of interface for supporting the real and concrete phenomena of associationism among wineries, giving importance to the quality of the products and common identities. We should put into practice concrete cohesion strategies in order to spread “South” brand in a more capillary way. Identifying certain Southern areas from abroad even from a geographical point of view is particularly difficult. Thus, an alternative strategy is necessary. It consists in spreading “South” brand characterized  by global quality and deep territorial identity.

Radici’s main objective will consist in leading producers to plan their future together following a shared direction. Once the setting in is finished, we’ll think of an itinerant system to be applied not only when planning the central event, but also when carrying out animation events in Italy and abroad. It’ll be a sort of “Radici of South Italy on the road” that is going to be realized all through the year with important contests and/or joining the most renowned events in this field under the name of “Radici of South Italy”.


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