Radici of South Italy 2011, 6TH-8TH JUNE 2011 The two Juries have been appronted







The countdown to Radici of South Italy 2011 has started. It’s the festival of native grapes from Apulia, Basilicata, Campania and Sicily planned and curated by Nicola Campanile, the chairman of Propapilla Association, with the collaboration of Luciano Pignataro, journalist for Il Mattino of Naples and blogger for Lucianopignataro WineBlog, as well as Franco Ziliani a worldly known journalist. What they are proposing is an absolutely innovative formula for South Italian regions.

The first edition is starting in two months in Savelletri di Fasano (Br) at Borgo Egnazia where the competition is taking place from 6th to 8th of June 2011. The festival will be exclusively based on the evaluation of wines from local grapes with a much wider comparison involving all southern regions (besides the wines that joined last editions, there will be Falanghina and Aglianico for Campania, Gaglioppo for Calabria and Nero d’Avola for Sicily). Evaluations will not only rely on organoleptic features, but on authenticity, typicity  and how wines reflect the characteristics of their territories as well. Here are the two juries, the international one, made up of 16 renowned wine writers and critics, with Jancis Robinson as president, one of the world’s most respected journalists, and the technical jury  with Teodosio Buongiorno (the owner of the well known Apulian restaurant “Già sotto l’arco” – Michelin) at the head of   16 technicians and connoisseurs coming from the competing regions. 




Jury composition




- Jancis Robinson – UK- PRESIDENT OF THE JURY – world’s best wine writer , responsible for her website www.jancisrobinson.com author of books translated into  many languages, columnist of the Financial Times, contributing editor of  The World of Fine Wine and many other reviews and  member of panel tastings within the world’s wine competitions. 

- Jane Hunt –UK- Master of Wine, responsible for Definitive Italian Wine Tasting, Italian regional chair for Decanter World Wine Awards www.huntandcoady.com 

- Jo Cooke USA (living in Italy) writer for Wine Spectator and now selector and importer of Italian wines into the USA (Jo Cooke Wine Selections).

- Jeremy Parzen –USA-, translator, educator, journalist, wine blogger, editor of Do Bianchi dobianchi.com and Vino Wire vinowire.simplicissimus.it 

- Kyle Phillips USA wine writer, editor of the website www.italianwinereview.com/ 

- Ryan Opaz –USA- (living in Spain) founder of European Wine Bloggers Conference winebloggersconference.org/europe ,editor of the wine blog catavino.net/.

- Pierre Casamayor –France-, enologist and essayist, contributing editor of  Revue du Vin de France and of Guide Hubert, once professor and now director of the Diplôme National d'Oenologue de l'Université Paul Sabatier de Toulouse.

- Hervé Lalau –Belgium-, French journalist, editor of the blog Chroniques vineuses hlalau.skynetblogs.be/, contributing editor of In Vino Veritas (Belgique, France, Pays-Bas), Romanduvin (Switzerland), Vins & Vignobles (Québec). From 2006 to 2010, he was Secrétaire Général de la Fédération Internationale des Journalistes et Ecrivains du Vin (FIJEV). He is a member of Association française de la Presse du Vin e del Circle of Wine Writers,

- Marek Bienczyk -Poland- essayist , Polish translator, contributing editor of the website  Culture.pl.,  coauthor of the Polish guide to European wines, contributing editor of Forbes, Kuchnia, editor of www.magazynwino.pl and  wine blogger blog.magazynwino.pl/bienczyk/, 

- Piotr Kamecki -Poland-sommelier and vicepresident of SSP, the Polish Sommelier Association. Today he is the chairman of Centrum Wina the greatest Polish importer of high quality wines and he is at the head of the Polish Sommelier Associationwww.sommelierzy.pl/ 

- Elisabeth Babinska Poletti -Italy- communicator and  promoter of Franciacorta, Garda and Apulian wines  in Poland

- David Barry Green - UK - wine merchant www.bbr.com

- Maurizio Gily .Italy-, enologist and agronomist www.gily.it, journalist and director of Mille Vigne,

- Franco Pastore -Italy- (enologist)

- Vito Intini -Italy- national co-president www.onav.it,

- Francesco Bonfio -Italy- president of Vinarius, the Association  of Italian wine bars www.vinarius.it 







-Teodosio Buongiorno – PRESIDENT OF THE JURY ( Già sotto l'arco Restaurant, Gambero Rosso - Puglia),

- Enzo Verrastro (Agronomist, wine expert Gambero Rosso - Puglia) ,

-Mauro Erro (wine shop owner, responsible for the wine blog contributing editor for the wine guide Slow Wine - Campania)

- Giuseppe Galeone (Il Castelletto Restaurant - Puglia),

- Paolo Bargelloni (responsible for the website www.istintoprimitivo.com, wine expert - Puglia),

- Enoteca Anelli (wine bar owner, national vice- president  Vinarius - Puglia),

- Betty Mezzina (sommelier, wine expert- Puglia),

- Francesca Tamburello (Sommelier, delegate of the Association "Amici PerBacco" - Sicily),

- Saveria Sesto (Agronomist, official wine taster, Onav councillor - Calabria),

- Rossella Ricci (sommelier, Fornello da Ricci Restaurant- Puglia),

- Mariella Caputo (sommelier, La Taverna del Capitano Restaurant . Campania),

- Rosanna Marziale (Le Colonne Restaurant, sommelier - Campania),

- Francesco Zompì (wine expert - Puglia),

- Giuseppe Misuriello (Osteria Marconi Restaurant, sommelier - Basilicata)

- Loredana Stasi (Le Vecchie Cantine Restaurant - Puglia),

- Federico Valicenti (Luna Rossa Restaurant - Basilicata)

- Giuseppe Baldassarre (Sommelier AIS - Puglia)


The Festival goes on pursuing  the same mission: to make people discover and enhance traditions and secrets belonging not only to Apulia, but to all Southern regions as well. Some Southern areas are still difficult to be identified abroad, that’s why an alternative strategy is needed. This consists in a spreading policy of “South brand”  supported by a global quality of the product and a deep territorial identity expressed by Southern wine makers.





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