As a result of the meeting held last month by the greatest wine Southern producers, more than 100 wineries coming from Southern regions  wouldn’t absolutely miss the first edition of Radici of South Italy that can now be joined not only just by Apulia and Basilicata, but by Campania, Calabria and Sicily as well. The contest aims at promoting an hard to imitate event that may become a strategic starting point to Southern wineries at a both local and international level. Besides Apulia and Basilicata where Radici was first conceived, the invitation  has been warmly welcomed by the other regions.

Everyone who is involved is waiting for the festival to start, being aware that it’s a really significant meeting for the wine scenario in South Italy to change. The producers will not only be asked to make a comparison of their wines, but also to define shared short to medium term  strategies that can enhance the talent and the charme our territories are able to express not just in the wine sector.

Next 6th, 7th and 8th June at Borgo Egnazia (Savelletri di Fasano/BR) the new participant regions, Calabria, Campania and Sicily, will enrich the already considerable heritage with their grapes that are well known worldwide  (Gaglioppo, Falanghina, Aglianico and Nero d’Avola), entering a sumptuous scenario made up of the grapes from Apulia and Basilicata. On the 4th and 5th June there will be a sort of preview meetings between the producers who are participating at Radici, the journalists and the international wine merchants. This will be a vital occasion to show the products giving more detailed information about the wineries and their typicity. The meetings will be held at the wonderful Masseria Le Fabriche di Maruggio (Ta). Everything is inspired and arranged by Nicola Campanile, the chairman of Propapilla Association, who thanks to all the activities promoted in the last years, has always given precious guidelines in the eno-food field, as well as by the experienced journalists Luciano Pignataro and Franco Ziliani, who are contributing to the event, offering their precious know-how that will certainly lead to significant cultural and intra territorial exchanges. The event will also be possible thanks to the vital  promotional  contribution enthusiastically given by the Department of Agriculture and Tourism from Apulia  as well as by the Apulian  AIS delegation and the “Associazione nazionale Donne del vino” (National Association of the women for wine).


-  Jancis Robinson – UK- PRESIDENT – world’s best wine writer , responsible for her website http://www.jancisrobinson.com/ author of books translated into  many languages, columnist of the Financial Times, contributing editor of  The World of Fine Wine and many other reviews and  member of panel tastings within the world’s wine competitions.



- Jane Hunt –UK- Master of Wine, responsible for Definitive Italian Wine Tasting, Italian regional chair for Decanter World Wine Awards www.huntandcoady.com

- Jo Cooke USA (living in Italy) writer for Wine Spectator and now selector and importer of Italian wines into the USA (Jo Cooke Wine Selections).

- Jeremy Parzen –USA-, translator, educator, journalist, wine blogger, editor of Do Bianchi dobianchi.com and Vino Wire vinowire.simplicissimus.it

- Kyle Phillips USA wine writer, editor of the website www.italianwinereview.com/

- Ryan Opaz –USA- (living in Spain) founder of European Wine Bloggers Conference winebloggersconference.org/europe ,editor of the wine blog catavino.net/.

- Pierre Casamayor –France-, enologist and essayist, contributing editor of  Revue du Vin de France and of Guide Hubert, once professor and now director of the Diplôme National d'Oenologue de l'Université Paul Sabatier de Toulouse.

- Hervé Lalau –Belgium-, French journalist, editor of the blog Chroniques vineuses hlalau.skynetblogs.be/, contributing editor of In Vino Veritas (Belgique, France, Pays-Bas), Romanduvin (Switzerland), Vins & Vignobles (Québec). From 2006 to 2010, he was Secrétaire Général de la Fédération Internationale des Journalistes et Ecrivains du Vin (FIJEV). He is a member of Association française de la Presse du Vin e del Circle of Wine Writers,

- Marek Bienczyk -Poland- essayist , Polish translator, contributing editor of the website  Culture.pl.,  coauthor of the Polish guide to European wines, contributing editor of Forbes, Kuchnia, editor of www.magazynwino.pl and  wine blogger blog.magazynwino.pl/bienczyk/,

- Piotr Kamecki -Poland- sommelier and vicepresident of SSP, the Polish Sommelier Association. Today he is the chairman of Centrum Wina the greatest Polish importer of high quality wines and he is at the head of the Polish Sommelier Association www.sommelierzy.pl/

- Elisabeth Babinska Poletti -Italy- communicator and  promoter of Franciacorta, Garda and Apulian wines  in Poland

- David Berry Green - UK - wine merchant www.bbr.com

- Maurizio Gily .Italy-, enologist and agronomist www.gily.it, journalist and director of Mille Vigne,

- Franco Pastore -Italy- (enologist)

- Francesco Bonfio -Italy- president of Vinarius, the Association  of Italian wine bars www.vinarius.it



-Teodosio Buongiorno – PRESIDENT OF THE JURY ( Già sotto l'arco Restaurant, Gambero Rosso - Puglia),

- Enzo Verrastro (Agronomist, wine expert Gambero Rosso - Puglia) ,

- Mauro Erro (wine shop owner, responsible for the wine blog contributing editor for the wine guide Slow Wine - Campania)

- Giuseppe Galeone (Il Castelletto Restaurant - Puglia),

- Paolo Bargelloni (responsible for the website www.istintoprimitivo.com, wine expert - Puglia),

- Enoteca Anelli (wine bar owner, national vice- president  Vinarius - Puglia),

- Betty Mezzina (sommelier, wine expert- Puglia),

- Francesca Tamburello (Sommelier, delegate of the Association "Amici PerBacco" - Sicily),

- Saveria Sesto (Agronomist, official wine taster, Onav councillor - Calabria),

- Rossella Ricci (sommelier, Fornello da Ricci Restaurant- Puglia),

- Francesco Zompì (wine expert - Puglia),

- Giuseppe Misuriello (Osteria Marconi Restaurant, sommelier - Basilicata)

- Federico Valicenti (Luna Rossa Restaurant - Basilicata)

- Giuseppe Baldassarre (Sommelier AIS - Puglia)




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