A BRILLIANT RADICI 2011 EXPECTED WITH 240 SOUTHERN WINES AT BORGO EGNAZIA. Decanter (Radio 2) broadcasting live the awaited final conference on the 8th June

The International main characters of next Radici of South Italy are standing  at the start line whose destination is Borgo Egnazia. This forthcoming new edition has been made possible thanks to the  support of the regional departments of Mediterranean, Culture, Tourism and Agriculture, as well as with the collaboration of   “Donne del Vino Puglia” Association and  AIS Puglia’s logistical support.

Also this year the foreign tasters will form a large and  well-matched group. At the head of the tasting sessions of over 230 wines from Apulia, Campania, Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily there will be Jancis Robinson, an English renowned  wine writer. You’ll be astonished with the amount of native grapes that will show how the biodiversity of Southern native grapes has increased. Not only Mrs Robinson, but also Jane Hunt, Master of Wine in the UK, as well as many Americans living both in the US and in Italy, such as Joe Cooke, wine selector and importer of Italian wines into the USA, Jeremy Parzen, journalist and wine blogger, Kyle Phillips, wine writer, really keen of Italy, Ryan Opaz, founder of the European Wine Blogger Conference, the French Pierre Casamayor, essayist and enology professor, the Belgian Hervé Lalau, appreciated journalist of French origins, member of many wine associations, the Polish Marek Bienczyk, essayist and author of wine guides, Piotr Kamecki, the most important wine importer into Poland and the chief of the Polish sommelier Association, and the English David Berry Green, experienced wine merchant.

This prestigious group, together with as important Italian wine experts, are going to start the tastings on Monday morning 6th June going on till Wednesday morning the 8th. This will be the most significant day with the final conference at 6.30 p.m. being broadcasted live by DECANTER RADIO 2 and the sparkling wine showman Fede. The conference theme will be “objectives and strategies to enhance the ampelographic heritage of South Italy” where producers, institutions, wine lovers and both Italian and foreign journalists will exchange their ideas. The speakers will be the presidents of the two tasting groups, as well as Nicola Campanile, Luciano Pignataro and Franco Ziliani. After tasting the wines, they will aim at assessing the viticulture in South Italy, leading all the producers to deeply commit themselves towards the grapes recognisability and identity  of each region they’re grown. In this crisis period with a tendency to standardize tastes, a common code of stylistic coherence and recognisability of our rich ampelographic heritage is what we really need.

This is the only way to make both national and foreign guests appreciate and buy our wines from native grapes. We need to pursue the identification of a “SOUTH BRAND” whose main strategies to grow and be successful can only rely on recognisability and  quality. At the end of the conference, at about 8.30 p.m., all the participants and the rest of the audience are going to taste nearly 240 wines and discuss with the tasters on the wines they will find really interesting. The tastings will be followed by a dinner offered by Masseria Petrino and Masseria Barbera that will realize some typical local dishes made relying on the excellent products grown in Apulia. The renewed edition is clearly giving an innovative signal with a common starting point shared by 140 producers intending to hardly work on the recognisability of the single grape varieties.

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