Radici del Sud proves once again fundamental event for the Southern wine-making industry. Thanks everybody!

The important qualitative leap made during the just ended edition of Radici, both from the technical and numerical point of view, is tightly connected to the high competence and peculiarity of each participant.

During Radici del Sud, among the various professionals involved, the awareness of taking part in one of the rare occasions to exchange ideas was perceivable. Indeed, like never before, this year we succeeded in gathering so many important people, I could just dare considering some sort of myths. Having this great people with us imposed a solemn and respectful attitude which characterized the overall atmosphere during the whole calendar of events scheduled during the Festival.

Especially this year, we could gather so many hard-working and determined wine-makers, who have been able to fascinate visitors from all over the world thanks to their own historical background of unviolated and preserved traditions, surprising them with such an unexpected and evocative reality. Even French representives, for the first time in Puglia after twenty years, were impressed with the great changes the wine-making Southern regions have gone through in the last years. The Italian journalists Ziliani and Pignataro, once again have showed to be not just great experts of wine, moods and secrets of our territories (this is nothing new to us, though), but also lovely organizers able to mix, with the adequate choice of time and tone, great experience and skills, immense courtesy and remarkable understanding of keen jokes, if any. Their competence during the Festival days generated appraisal and consideration among everybody. The high quality of wine, absolute main character of our event,† testifies the expertise and talent of our wine-makers. Especially Primitivo, which has really been unanimously appreciated in this Festivalís edition, has surely everything is needed to export outside our territories the local ideas and tastes, opening the way for any other native grape variety.

The final night has been amazing: the congress, so rich in interesting comments, so engaging, greatly conducted by Fede, a celebration for the most appreciated wines, and finally a buffet masterly prepared by Masseria Bŗbera and Masseria Petrino resident chefs who proposed delicious dished in Borgo Egnazia fantastic scenary.

I was thanked and got endless compliments for the activities we basically had all together and I want to address each of these appraisals to those people who concretely contributed to Radiciís great success.

We have been able to leave a mark and I am pretty sure Radiciís echo will cross the Italian borders. Thanks to the ad hoc one-to-one meetings we may have caused interest and attention as to create some kind of passionate ambassadors allowing us increasing our chances to succeed in the export markets, too.

We have been able to involve many other regions, a part from Puglia, and i hope our hard-work and determination has impressed more and more wine-makers† pushing them joining us on the path we have been tracking in the last years

Radiciís objectives have been achievedÖi say it in such an easy way, but I can assure you I am excited and moved when I look back at the hard times and uncertainties of the past. We will go on, for sure. New activities I am thrilled about have been planned and I hope to let you know about them as soon as possible.

Among them, there will be a party to celebrate the most appreciated wines, which, just temporarily have no official prize.

Thanks from the heart.

Nicola Campanile

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