The fourth edition of the European Wine Bloggers Conference (EWBC 2011) is taking place between Franciacorta region and Brescia. From next 14th to 16th October the ancient Benedictine Monastery of Saint Giulia, one of the greatest museums of art, will be the location of the most important conference for wine lovers and experts whose main interest has become wine and the way to spread its culture through blogs. To realize how this conference can attract visitors, let’s consider that it has been an almost immediate sellout (more than 250 delegates from 32 countries are expected) and that an interesting BarCamp about wine (to be held on the 13th) has been added to the original programme. To know more details about the programme visit


The yearly contest will be joined by wine connoisseurs and multimedia communication professionals from all over the world as well as by the most representative leaders working  in the wine industry. The event aims at offering the opportunity to start a debate on the convergence between wine culture and the web getting in touch with absolutely remarkable personalities. All in the name of skills and innovation. In such an exciting atmosphere full of appealing ideas Radici (with Nicola Campanile, Luciano Pignataro and Franco Ziliani) couldn’t miss the great occasion to be there to show the wines that were prized last June at Radici. We will take the opportunity of best showing what we do in every detail, as well as representing our traditions and the philosophy our work is based on stressing how it is carefully and skilfully carried out. This will be confirmed by the peculiar and prestigious wines selected at Radici del Sud. All the wines will be presented on Saturday afternoon the 15th. Those wines that were prized at Radici del Sud will be presented and served by Marina Alaimo and Novella Talamo. The event is given great importance as it represents an interesting exploration into the Italian wine production that can be useful to deepen the knowledge of the most interesting aspects related to our wines and their diversities. Radici wines will benefit from this remarkable event and its great stir once they are on the web.

The 37 winning wineries at EWBC 2011

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