RADICI DEL SUD 2011: a long five days’ story of wines and people

Radici del Sud’ basis was laid last November in Altamura following the extremely successful Radici Wines Experience and the fifth edition of Radici 2010 designed by Nicola Campanile. Here Nicola Campanile, the organizer, Luciano Pignataro and Franco Ziliani working as tasters at the time, were proposed to make also Campania, Calabria, Sicily and Basilicata join the competition. The three accepted enthusiastically and started a perfectly organized  managerial group working on Radici del Sud’s project.

The winter months were spent trying to transmit to wine makers and to all those working in this sector the need for cooperation in order to obtain a recognized single marker, “SOUTH”, identifying all Southern regions.  Expressions  like “I, my wine” are absolutely out of fashion. What we need today is a real teamwork concentrating all efforts on  the  ampelographic identity of wines from native grapes. This was the leit motiv of our three day event that took place at the wonderful Borgo Egnazia in Savelletri di Fasano.  

Borgo proved the ideal place  to meet the new Radici’s needs. About 30 members making up  the two groups worked in a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. The parallel tastings were well ordered and always on time, thanks to Ais Puglia’s cooperation too. The programme found no flaws thanks to the rigorous and skilled groups led by Jancis Robinson, an internationally known wine writer, and Teodosio Buongiorno, the owner of the well known  “Osteria stellata” in Carovigno near Brindisi.

All the early-rising  tasters had a heavy breakfast to save their stomach before starting morning and afternoon tastings: about 40 wines among white, rosé, red and wines for aging. The results you’ll find below are excellent, although there were some little inaccuracies caused by the eagerness for proclaiming the winners.


Apulian white wines Bombino, Fiano, Minutolo 

Crè  2010 - Vetrère

Tenuta Serranova 2010 - Agricole Vallone

Mixed groups of Apulian white wines 

Askos 2010 - Masseria Li Veli

Malvasia Bianca 2010 - Vigne di Rasciatano

Falanghina Campania

Colle Imperatrice 2010 - Cantine Astroni

Numtius 2010 - Terre dei Vuttari

Apulian rosé wines

Petra rosa 2010 - Cantine Albea

Metiusco 2010 - Vinicola Palamà

Gaglioppo Calabria

Dattilo 2010 - A. A. Ceraudo

Volvito 2010 - Caparra e Siciliani

Nero d’Avola Sicilia

Santa Cecilia 2007 - A.A. Planeta

Rosso del Conte 2006 - Tasca dìAlmerita

Nero di Troia Puglia

Spaccapietre 2010 - Agricola del Sole

Armentario 2005 - Cantine Carpentiere

Aglianico del Vulture Basilicata

Rubra 2006 - Masseria Cardillo

Gesualdo 2007 - Cantine di Venosa

Negroamaro Puglia

Schiaccianoci 2008 - Vigne e Vini

Alberelli di Negroamaro 2007 - L’Astore Masseria

Aglianico Campania

Raìs 2009 - Cantine Astroni

Prima La Terra 2009 - A.A.Magnoni

Mixed group of Apulian red wines 

Malia 2008 - Duca Carlo Guarini

Susumaniello 2009 - Podere Angelini

Primitivo di Puglia

Patu 2009 - Tenuta Giustini

Marpione 2004 - Tenuta Viglione

Taurasi Campania

Convivio 2007 - Terre Colte

Taurasi 2007 - Contrade di Taurasi 



White wines Bombino, Fiano, Minutolo Group

Fiano della Murgia 2010 - Botromagno

Jody 2010 - Conti Spagnoletti Zeuli 

Mixed group of Apulian white wines 

Malvasia Bianca 2010 - Vigne di Rasciatano

Askos 2010 - Masseria Li veli

Falanghina Campania

S. Agata Dei Goti 2010  - A. A. Mustilli

Vesevo 2010 - Vesevo

Apulian rosé wines

Giroflè 2010 - Azienda Monaci

Galatina 2010 - Valle dell’Asso

Gaglioppo Calabria

A Vita - A Vita 2009

Damis 2010 - A A.Du Cropio

Nero d’Avola Sicilia

Lu Patri 2009 - Baglio del Cristo di Campobello

Argille di Tagghia 2009 - Cento Passi

Nero di Troia Puglia

Nero di Troia 2010 - Vigne di Rasciatano

Rondirosa 2010 - Casaltrinità

Aglianico del Vulture Basilicata

Il Repertorio 2004 - Cantine del Notaio

L’Emozione 2007 - A. A. Ofanto

Negroamaro Puglia

Vecchiosogno 2009 - Tenuta Giustini

Patriglione 2006 - A. A. Taurino

Aglianico Campania

Falerno del Massico 2007 Etichetta Bronzo - Masseria Felicia

Marraioli 2007 - Antica Masseria Venditti

Mixed group of Apulian red wines

Selvato 2009 - Colli della Murgia

Askos 2009 - Masseria Li Veli

Primitivo Puglia

Terragnolo 2004 - Apollonio

La signora 2007 - A.A. Morella

Taurasi Campania

Taurasi 2006 - Vesevo

Montefalcione 2007 - Donnachiara


1) Fior di Vigna 2009 / Primitivo - Cantine Paolo Leo

2) Sessantanni 2008 / Primitivo - Feudi di San Marzano

3) Noto 2009 / Nero d'Avola - Marabino

4) Rubinum 2009 / Primitivo - Cantine Soloperto

5) Grifalco 2008 / Aglianico del Vulture - Lucania s.a.s.

6) Diciotto 2008 / Primitivo - Schola Sarmenti

7) Lu Patri 2009 / Nero d’Avola - Baglio del Cristo di Campobello

8) ‘ A Vita 2009 / Gaglioppo - A Vita

9) Arghille di Tagghia 2009 / Nero d'Avola - Centopassi

10) Primis 2007 / Nero di Troia - Cantina Sociale di Barl


It represented the first step towards a new dimension, the first widened edition of a festival that aims at becoming the linchpin to all Southern regions, as well as to wine critics and businessmen all over the world. During the tastings the participants inquired after the different features of the grapes grown in the different areas. It can be said that one of the results achieved is undoubtedly having transmitted and supported the great native heritage South Italy can offer. It consists in unique wines whose names are often unpronounceable to foreigners, however they will be stamped in their memory once tastings are over and will be transmitted through their writing and means of communication. Some tasters were so struck by some wine makers that during the closing evening these were asked all kinds of details as well as the opportunity to visit their wineries. This was exactly what we expected from Radici del Sud: a goal we can consider reached.

Of course, next edition 2012 will be far richer and more prestigious following such a crucial experience. Moreover,  the one to one meetings between the participants at the two day event in Maruggio at Masseria Le Fabriche were extremely useful to catch tasters’ attention, particularly foreigners’, leading them to become testimonials of Southern native grapes abroad. This was confirmed by the president of the group made up of international tasters the night before leaving. When she was interviewed by Marina Alaimo for Luciano Pignataro Wineblog she said: “In the latest years Italian wines have made huge progress and are every bit as good as others. It’s a pity many of them aren’t on our market, they should.” What Mrs Robinson said represents a great spur for us to make it better next year. Follow us, in the months to come there will be interesting surprises for you!

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