Radici Wines Experience enjoys a fruitful season and closes with a flourish

The new editions of the food&wine guidebooks edited by ProPapilla, presented in Taranto, where interesting improvements were announced for “Radici del Sud 2014” wine exhibition following the southern native grape market evolution

The fifth RWE edition has just taken place before skilled experts, including oil and wine producers, association representatives, restaurant owners, pizza makers, journalists, experts, and public administrators. The event was made possible thanks to the contribution of the regional department of agricultural policies and ProPapilla Association, with the aim of presenting its food&wine guidebooks, as well as proposing important ideas for the promotion of the region and its wealth.

During the afternoon conference, held at the Relais Histò in Taranto, the evaluation criteria adopted and displaying the features of the new 2014 editions of the regional guidebooks Pizzaviaggiando (pizzerias) and Dolceguida (restaurants/wine bars) was explained, as well as the audience being presented with, and proposed discussion topics such as the respect for the land, the quality of the raw ingredients used, and health and consumer satisfaction to be implemented through a cuisine which takes into account the local traditions, yet always improving, and which should also be able to interpret the taste evolution in a more contemporary way.

While presenting ‘Radici Wines 2014’ guidebook, some of the innovative changes which will partially revise the next Radici del Sud event have been anticipated so as to meet the new and varied needs arisen from the large number of participating wineries coming from every Southern Italian region, as well as from the need to meet in an even more punctual way, the needs of the growing market of wines produced by native grapes. One of the priorities, in the organizers’ opinion, is an increasing number of foreign guests coming from the countries mentioned by the producers themselves (BRIC counties, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Eastern countries) for being the most reliable and promising countries, adapting a formula which can allow them to get deeply in touch with the wineries and the lands where the wines are being produced. Following Pizzaviaggiando and Dolceguida evaluations, a prize was awarded to the best pizzeria and pizza, maître d’, wine bar, typical restaurant, up-and-coming chef, and top restaurant.

The evening had an exceptional ending thanks to the outstanding combination of talents and technical skills displayed by IppazioTurco - Fernando Giannuzzi (Lemì-Tricase / Barrique - Martano), Leonardo Vescera - Nazario Biscotti (Il Capriccio - Vieste / Antiche Sere - Lesina),FeliceSgarra - Giovanni Fucci (Umami - Andria / Imperiale - Andria), AgostinoBartoli - MirkoSardella (GattoRosso / Le VecchieCantine - Taranto),who together made the local semolina pizza (Simeto variety) with fior di latte cheese, corn poppy leaves, fresh olive cream, “pennulo” roasted tomato and carob flavoured; the pizza with smoked mackerel and citrus fruits, glasswort and goat cheese; the kamut pizza with pulped tomatoes, “stracciatella” cheese from Andria, stewed turnip tops, candied cherry tomato, raspberry vinegar; the blackened wheat pizza with smoked amberjack, smoked scamorza cheese and chopped Macchia seasonings. The dishes proved as unique as tasty with their Mediterranean flavours, prepared using only extremely high quality and fresh ingredients originating from the surrounding areas.

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