Lots of outstanding wine connoisseurs including journalists and wine experts will join the second Exhibition of wines from native grapes, both as members of the jury and as eagerly interested guests.

A really great deal of guests, both foreign and national, will give their contribution to next Exhibition of wines from native grapes with their skills and specific knowhow (Carovigno, 4th- 9th June 2014).

As part of this “team” there will be a great deal of personalities who have acquired a deep knowledge of South Italian native grapes driven by their real passion and their wish to promote our typical produce as a very high expression of the enological heritage that South Italian regions own. Tom Canavan (Great Britain) will chair the international jury as a wine expert and a sought-after judge who has joined the most important events throughout the five continents. Besides pioneering wine on the Internet and being an esteemed wine writer, Cannavan boasts many collaboration works with renowned international newspapers such as The Sunday Times, Financial Times and The Independent. He will make the jury – made up of guests coming from all over the world- even more authoritative. Among the eagerly awaited guests are Monika Krupski, wine-writer (, Matthias Stelzig, wine-writer and Otmar Kiem, wine writer ( from Germany; Daniel Ercsey, wine-writer ( and Attila Geonczeol, wine buyer (Ital Magyarország Kft) from Hungary; Vasilly Raskov, wine-writer ( and Margarita Krasnopolskaya, wine-writer (, from Russia; Lituania Daivam Mumgaudiene, wine buyer (, from Lithuania; Markus Hungerbuhler, wine-writer free-lance from Swizerland; Hans Bijvoets, wine-buyer ( from Holland; Mark Priestly, wine-buyer (ItalianwineJob), Douglas Wood wine-buyer ( and Nick Bielak, wine-buyer ( from Great Britain; Deborah Parker Wong, wine-writer ( and John Rankin, wine-buyer ( from the USA; Alicia Diaz, wine-buyer (Naturvinos) from Columbia and Homero Sodrč, wine-buyer ( from Brazil. And then, Ole Udsen, the Danish journalist and writer who loves Italy and quality life, being a wine taster as well as a fine connoisseur of South Italian native grapes. We are going to anticipate also some of the names of the passionate wine connoisseurs joining the national jury: the chairman, Francesco Muci, Slow-Wine Puglia coordinator, Paolo Bargelloni, wine-blogger (, Antonio Muci, journalist for Quotidiano di Lecce, Francesco Zompě, Alberto Lupini, journalist , Italia a Tavola manager, Maurizio Gily, journalist, Millevigne editor, Andrea Gabrielli (journalist), Angelo Peretti, journalist (, Enrico Malgi, wine-blogger (, Alfredo Pinto (winebar -distribution Enotown, Roma), Giancarlo Rafele, Ais Catanzaro delegate, Maurizio Valeriani, journalist, ONAV professor and Vini buoni d'italia coordinator, Giacomo Manzo, oenologist (Istituto Regionale Vini and Oli di Sicilia) and Chiara Giorleo, food&wine blogger. The complete list of the two juries coming soon.

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